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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Matrix by David Brin. Back in the s, the field of science fiction was all afroth over a movement that proclaimed itself as cyberpunk.

Reviewers both inside and far outside the genre went into paroxysms over this new movement, crediting it with everything from 'gritty, sharp-edged realism,' to 'high-gloss textures,' to inventing the trope of an angry tomorrow, symbolized by the angry young m Back in the s, the field of science fiction was all afroth over a movement that proclaimed itself as cyberpunk. Reviewers both inside and far outside the genre went into paroxysms over this new movement, crediting it with everything from 'gritty, sharp-edged realism,' to 'high-gloss textures,' to inventing the trope of an angry tomorrow, symbolized by the angry young man of the streets.

Get A Copy. Published first published April 27th More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Matrix , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Of course, the matrix tail light could also be updated — a spectrum of around different signatures is certainly conceivable.

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Neo: Are you a programmer? Seraph: [shakes head] Neo: Then what are you? Seraph: I protect that which matters most.

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The Oracle: Well, come on. Come around here, and let me have a look at ya. My goodness, look at you! How do you feel? The Oracle: Well, suit yourself. Neo: I felt like sitting. The Oracle: I know. So is he. The Oracle: So far, so good.

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The Oracle: Keep going. Neo: I suppose the most obvious question is, how can I trust you? The Oracle: Bingo! It is a pickle, no doubt about it. Neo: But if you already know, how can I make a choice? Neo: Why are you here? The Oracle: Same reason. I love candy. Neo: But why help us?

And believe me, I know — the only way to get there is together. Neo: Are there other programs like you? The Oracle: Oh, well, not like me. But… Look, see those birds? At some point a program was written to govern them. A program was written to watch over the trees, and the wind, the sunrise, and sunset. There are programs running all over the place. The ones doing their job, doing what they were meant to do, are invisible. But the other ones, well, we hear about them all the time.

The Oracle: Of course you have. Neo: Programs hacking programs. The Oracle: They have their reasons, but usually a program chooses exile when it faces deletion. Neo: And why would a program be deleted? The Oracle: Maybe it breaks down. Maybe a better program is created to replace it — happens all the time, and when it does, a program can either choose to hide here, or return to The Source. Neo: The machine mainframe?

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The Oracle: Yes. Where you must go. Where the path of The One ends. The door made of light? Neo: [nods] The Oracle: What happens when you go through the door? Neo: I see Trinity, and something happens, something bad. She starts to fall, and then I wake up. The Oracle: Do you see her die? Neo: No. The Oracle: You have the sight now, Neo. You are looking at the world without time.

Neo: Are you saying I have to choose whether Trinity lives or dies? The Oracle: No. The Oracle: You have to.

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Neo: Why? What happens if I fail? The Oracle: Then Zion will fall. Our time is up. Listen to me, Neo. You can save Zion if you reach The Source, but to do that you will need the Keymaker. Neo: The Keymaker? The Oracle: Yes, he disappeared some time ago. We did not know what happened to him until now. He is called the Merovingian, and he will not let him go willingly. Neo: What does he want? The Oracle: What do all men with power want? More power. The Oracle: Be there, at that exact time, and you will have a chance.

Seraph: We must go. Good luck, kiddo. Smith: Mister Anderson! Did you get my package? Neo: Yeah. Smith: Well, good. Morpheus: Smith. Smith: Surprised to see me? Smith: Our connection. Perhaps some part of you imprinted onto me, something overwritten or copied.

That is at this point irrelevant, what matters is that whatever happened, happened for a reason. Neo: And what reason is that? Smith: I killed you, Mister Anderson, I watched you die… With a certain satisfaction, I might add, and then something happened. Something that I knew was impossible, but it happened anyway. You destroyed me, Mister Anderson. I was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey.

Neo: Congratulations.

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  • Smith: Thank you. Trinity: Are you all right? Morpheus: It was Smith. Neo: Yes. Neo: A lot more. Morpheus: Is that what he was doing to you? Trinity: What? Neo: Felt like I was back in that hallway. Felt like dying. Lock: The machines are tunnelling to avoid our defense system. Although it has been suggested that this is the same kind of attack we have defended for years, I urge the Council to realize the truth: this is the single greatest threat we have ever faced.

    And if we do not act accordingly, we will not survive. Councillor Dillard: Commander Lock, the Council is well aware of the seriousness of this attack. You have our leave to prepare our defense by any and all means necessary. Lock: No, Councillor, no word — nothing. Councillor West: Then we request a ship be dispatched to ascertain the fate of The One.

    Lock: I wish that were possible, Councillor, but I do not believe our defense can suffer the loss of another ship. Councillor West: It will, Commander, if it must. Lock: It could take a single ship days to find the Nebuchadnezzar. Councillor Dillard: Then send two. Lock: This is insane.

    Councilor Hamann: Careful, Commander. Lock: Forgive my frustration, Councillors. Councillor West: Comprehension is not a requisite of cooperation. The Council is calling for two volunteers to aid the Nebuchadnezzar. Are there two among you that would answer such a call? Councillor Dillard: You understand the situation, Captain Soren? Councillor Dillard: Thank you, Captain. Is there another?

    Malachi: What? You have gone crazy? Ballard: Shut your hole, Bane, before I put you in one. Councillor Dillard: Is there no other? Lock: Be hard for any man to risk his life. Lock: What? Councillor Dillard: Thank you, Captain Niobe. Commander Lock, you have your orders. This Council is hereby adjourned. Lock: Niobe, what are you doing? Niobe: What I can. Lock: Why? Niobe: Because some things never change, Jason, and some things do. Morpheus: What can you see, Neo?

    Morpheus: Encrypted? Neo: Maybe. Trinity: Is that good for us or bad for us? Neo: Well, it looks like every floor is wired with explosives. Trinity: Bad for us. Morpheus: Here we go. Morpheus: Yes, we are here to speak with the Merovingian. Follow me. Merovingian: Aha, here he is at last. Neo, the One himself, right?

    Matrix Morpheus Speech, Tomorrow we may all be dead

    And the legendary Morpheus. I have heard so much, you honour me. Please, sit, join us. This is my wife, Persephone. Something to eat? Hmm… of course, such things are contrivances like so much here. For the sake of appearances. Neo: No, thank you. Merovingian: Yes, of course, who has time? Who has time? But then if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time? I have sampled every language, French is my favourite — fantastic language, especially to curse with.

    Morpheus: You know why we are here. Merovingian: Hmph… I am a trafficker of information, I know everything I can.

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    The question is, do you know why you are here? Morpheus: We are looking for the Keymaker. Merovingian: Oh yes, it is true. The Keymaker, of course. Neo: You know the answer to that question. Merovingian: But do you? You think you do but you do not. You are here because you were sent here, you were told to come here and you obeyed. You see, there is only one constant, one universal, it is the only real truth: causality.

    Cause and effect. Morpheus: Everything begins with choice. Merovingian: No. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without. Look there, at that woman. My God, just look at her. Affecting everyone around her, so obvious, so bourgeois, so boring. But wait… Watch — you see, I have sent her dessert, a very special dessert. I wrote it myself. It starts so simply, each line of the program creating a new effect, just like poetry. First, a rush… heat… her heart flutters.

    You can see it, Neo, yes? She does not understand why — is it the wine? What is it then, what is the reason? And soon it does not matter, soon the why and the reason are gone, and all that matters is the feeling itself. This is the nature of the universe. We struggle against it, we fight to deny it, but it is of course pretense, it is a lie. Beneath our poised appearance, the truth is we are completely out of control. There is no escape from it, we are forever slaves to it. Another link in the chain. But fear not, since I have seen how good you are at following orders, I will tell you what to do next.

    Run back, and give the fortune teller this message: Her time is almost up. Now I have some real business to do, I will say adieu and goodbye. Merovingian: Oh yes, it is. The Keymaker is mine and I see no reason why I should give him up. No reason at all. Persephone: Where are you going? I drink too much wine, I must take a piss. Au revoir. Trinity: Touch me, and that hand will never touch anything again. Trinity: Maybe we did something wrong.

    Neo: How do you know? Morpheus: We are still alive. Persephone: If you want the Keymaker, follow me. On and on, pompous prick. A long time ago, when we first came here, it was so different. He was so different. He was like you. But you have to give me something. Neo: What? Persephone: A kiss.

    Trinity: Excuse me? Persephone: I want you to kiss me as if you were kissing her. Persephone: You love her. She loves you. A long time ago, I knew what that felt like. I want to remember it. I want to sample it. Morpheus: Trinity. Persephone: Such emotion over something so small. Neo: Why should we trust you? Neo: All right. Persephone: But you have to make me believe I am her.

    Persephone: Terrible. Forget it. Neo: Wait. Persephone: Ahh, yes. I envy you. But such a thing is not meant to last. Come with me. Link: Not again! These fellas work for my husband, they do his dirty work. Cain and Abel: Yes, Mistress. Persephone: They come from a much older version of the Matrix, but like so many back then, they caused more problems than they solved.

    How many people keep silver bullets in their gun? You can either run to the restaurant and tell my husband what I have done, or you can stay there and die. Neo: My name is Neo. Persephone: Cause and effect, my love. Merovingian: Cause? There is no cause for this, what cause? Persephone: What cause?

    Merovingian: Lipstick? What craziness you are talking about woman, there is no lipstick. Persephone: So is this. Have fun. Merovingian: All right. Let us find out where this goes.

    You two, get the Keymaker. Keymaker: I cannot go back. Merovingian: Handle us? You know, your predecessors had much more respect. Merovingian: Okay, you have some skill. Kill him. Merovingian: Damn it, woman, you will be the end of me. Mark my words, boy, and mark them well. I have survived your predecessors, and I will survive you! Twin 1: Could we move along? Keymaker: Run! Twin 2: Step away from the door. Twin 2: We owe you for that. Twin 1: Just like new. Twin 2: Drop your weapon.

    Morpheus: Stay with him. Trinity: What about Neo? Morpheus: He can handle himself. Trinity: Get in the back. Neo: Oh shit. Link: Operator. Neo: Link, where am I? Neo: Really. Oh shit. Neo: Where are they? Link: Middle of the City, miles due south.

    The Matrix Reloaded () - Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus - IMDb

    Morpheus: Get us out of here, Link. Morpheus: I know. Link: Yes sir. The only exit I got near you is the Winsor[? Morpheus: Off the freeway? Link: Sir, I think I should say… oh shit, look out behind you! Link: Incoming fire! Morpheus: Down! Trinity: Hold on! Link: Oh no, this is getting real ugly real fast. Morpheus: Are you watching this, Link? Morpheus: Any suggestions? Link: Turn right. Morpheus: Right, now!

    William Gibson: the man who saw tomorrow

    Morpheus: Got it. The freeway, I mean. Link: Yes sir, I do, sir, Winsor[? Morpheus: Good man. Trinity: You always told me to stay off the freeway. Trinity: You said it was suicide. Morpheus: Then let us hope that I was wrong. I need to talk to Morpheus. Link: Believe me, Niobe, he needs you. Niobe: Where is he? Link: Just follow the sirens. Agent Johnson: The exile is the primary target.

    Trinity: Morpheus.