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The story of how another tech giant, Apple, got its name is somewhat similar. Jobs told Steve Wozniak, an Apple cofounder, that if they didn't think of a better name by the following afternoon, they would go with Apple. We know how that ended. As for Bezos, he told Stone why Amazon seemed a fitting name for his company: "This is not only the largest river in the world, it's many times larger than the next biggest river.

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Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. How Amazon got its name. Did you know that Amazon patented and trademarked 1-Click purchasing in ? Not surprisingly, Bezos was gifted at a young age.

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He admired inventors, not athletes. He was able to break-down complicated math problems and even rigged electrical contraptions around the house. Not all was smooth sailing though for the young albuquerque native, however. His biological father left him and his mother at the young age of three.

And according to Business Insider , Jeff Bezos has yet to converse with his biological father. Image source: Academy of Achievment. After jotting down several ideas that could easily be sold online, he narrowed the list down to five. In , Bezos quit his lucrative job on Wall Street, convinced his wife that the regret of doing nothing would be greater than failing and pursued his dream.


Amazon has not always been called Amazon. Another name Bezos considered was relentless. The search for the new name began. Bezos picked up a dictionary and scanned word after word, page after page.

He liked the homonym for two primary reasons. Simultaneously, Mrs. The artificial-intelligence invasion is upon us, in the form of disembodied personal assistants we can give orders to, query and, in some cases, try to converse with.

In hopes of getting us used to our new artificially intelligent family members, the technology companies behind them have given the machines mostly female names to go with their soothing voices. Apple Inc.

Amazon is celebrating its 25th birthday. Here's how the e-commerce giant got its name.

That means in some homes the plan has backfired: The effort to make a gadget more humanlike has earned it human enemies. Would you like to buy it?

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The Sussmans found out about the setting a year after buying the device. Amazon has sold more than 11 million Echos and Dots since , Morgan Stanley estimates, and it is working with partners to put Alexa into other products , including Ford Motor Co.

She refuses to buy the Echo. Amazon says it named its Alexa after the ancient Egyptian Library of Alexandria. The preference tech companies seem to have for female identities for their robots has left some people scratching their heads. Karl MacDorman, a professor at Indiana University who specializes in human-computer interaction, says part of the reason is that higher-frequency voices are easier to understand.