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Great Value. Good Luck! Welcome to the Heartland Forum.

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Having owned four travel trailers, Heartland's is the best and my Keystone Zeppelin now Passsport was the worst. The Manufacturer makes as much of a difference as the dealer. Good luck with your new trailer. Bought our NT 21FBS almost a year ago, Pulled it just over 5K miles had a problem with the axles and that was taken care of without a problem. Love the trailer. Better than the two previous TT we had by a long shot. Pulls great, better made.

Used Toy Hauler - 2017 Heartland Cyclone HD 4005

Can't beat'm. Helps to have a good dealer, but if you don't, Heartland is there to help and they do. The weights are about the same. The walls are are the same. The North Trail has a much better roof and floor. We camped in the middle of November.

Heartland Sunset

The temperature outside was down in the teens and 20's. I walked around in bare feet in the North Trail, My feet were warm. I couldn't that in my SOB. The flooring alone is much better in the North Trail. Everyone who comes into our North Trail love the wood work in it. We love our North Trail and can not wait till camping season starts. Two and a half more months, but whose counting LOL. You can PM me if you want to. Thank you all for the quick responses. I'm gathering quite a bit of info from all of you and this website. I have read a lot of posts on this website about problems, however, I understand that anything assembled from thousands of parts can have problems.

I also know that most of the time, people are quick to voice complaints, but strictly posting a positive experience doesn't happen as much. But the main thing that I have been able to gather is that for the most part, Heartland has stood behind their product and taken care of the issue.

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I have of a few other companies that do this, but Keystone doesn't appear to be one of them, so thinking that the Passport and Bullet will be dropping off of the short list rather quickly, and not really considering ANY Forest River products Thanks again for all of the great info so far. We looked at so mant TT's that they started to all run together. One day we stopped off at a dealer in the Savannah, Ga.

Once we stepped in, the DW and I knew this was the one. It just seemed so solid and well built. We sold it two years later when we upgraded to our BC TS. During that time we never had any problems or issues with it!!!!! We have thousands of miles on our unit and love it.


This is our fourth RV and by far our favorite. When people talk about Heartland customer service they are not exagerating, they were great to work with. We love our 28BHS Caliber. Each had features that we liked, and we ended up happily with the Caliber. Had the Caliber in for 1 warranty issue, that was promptly taken care of without problem. We can only echo the positive comments from others. A couple of very minor warranty isues were quickly resolved by our dealer, who is just great, in the time we've owned the TT.

If we decide to move up, the first choice will be Heartland.

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  5. Just agreed on purchase of 21 FBS Caliber and can't wait for warmer weather! We are picking it up at the end of the month. We were also seriously considering the Outback Kangaroo , and from comments on this forum I am feeling very glad that we decided on the North Trail. Looking forward to all the expertise to be gleaned from this forum.

    Thanks everyone. I am new and am considering a Heartland product based on this forum and comments of others. Airstream is out of the budget. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome. Hi psjh, Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. You'll find a lot of useful information here along with a great bunch of friendly people. I'm sure some will jump right in with their thought and advice for you. Looks like most of the pluses and quality of the North Trail are pretty well covered in this thread already.

    Aside from the obvious things I like two of main things that makes the NT my choice is 1 I can fit in almost any space in the state and federal parks where the bigger rigs can't 2 pull out luggage rack referred to as a bike rack in brochures because I can haul my generators and other outside stuff easily when we boondock. Thirteen thousand miles and no problems with any thing in the rig except those that were self inflicted by dumb attacks.

    This is my second Heartland. You've come to the right place. I can pretty much get it the site of my choosing, save for those really short ones that will only take a popup anyhow All of the previous posts sum up the North Trail's nicely. I don't think I'm stretching things when I say that we all continue to be impressed with the design and quality of our units, even years and thousands of miles afterwards, when the luster might otherwise wear off.

    For us the 26LRSS is ideal because: - there's so much window space we don't feel like we're losing touch with the great outdoors even when we're indoors.

    Clear Lake- Sunset Ridge - Heartland Asphalt

    Had a few minor things wrong, but nothing serious. We looked at many other TT's and our two choices were the same as yours. A couple of things that made a small difference to us was that the heat vents were not in the floor, when I sweep I don't have to worry bout all the dirt and dust getting in them.

    I love the refrigerator and deep bottom on the freezer. Also noticed on the Bullet when the slide was extended out, the plastic piece that covers the wheels came out with it, we were afraid it would break more easily. I know we have only had our NT for a few months, but I think the quality is there. Sometimes in other TT's the bathroom divider wll seemed really flimsy, our NT doesn't, and we like the enclosed underbelly.

    We looked long and hard for quite a while and we are very happy with our purchase. Good luck with your decision! Good evening everyone. We've been looking at TT for 15 years and have finally settled on the North Trail. We are really happy that we finally have the means to get one. Now we just need some feedback on 2 models. Both caliber editions. The 22FBS has a bigger slide and no bunks.

    It feels bigger wider to me in the main area which is the main reason it is still on the list. The 28BRS has a narrower slide feels tighter to me which is why I question it in the main area but has the double-bunks. We have 2 kids 11, 9 and a Golden Retriever. We plan mostly to do short 2 or 3 day trips a couple times each month.

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    Some of our visits will be to state parks in our area. Others to the local campgrounds. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Also, our vehicle is a Ford that can tow We plan on upgrading that vehicle within the next year or so. Thanks to all. Hi johnnybac, Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and hopefully to the family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge when needed.

    I'm sure you will get some feed back soon from our other owners. Hope you join our family of owners and make some of the rallies. Enjoy the forum. Jim M. We love our 22FBS. It's perfect for us, our 1 kid and three dogs. Must be 21 or older to attend. Please present your ID at the door.

    Class transfers or credit may be issued instead of a refund without a service fee. Enjoy drinks, upbeat music and hanging out with your favorite people while you paint! It's as fun for first-time painters as it is for experienced artists. From the moment you walk in, the mood is light, the music is fun and the conversation comes easy!

    You don't need to be a seasoned painter — we make it easy for everyone to find their inner artist! You'll get seats with all your friends, even if you book separately. Just tell us your friends' names when you register. There's no rule that says you have to follow the artist's steps. It's your art, so paint it however you like! Check out our FAQs to learn more about what to expect from your Pinot's Palette experience or feel free to call the studio to speak to a member of our staff.

    Signing up is easy. Click the "Event Calendar" link on the top of the page to view our calendar of paintings. Select which painting you would like to paint and click "Add Painting to Cart. Our studio is always available however to host your Private Event 7 days a week. For days without office hours, we will be in an hour or so before and after the scheduled class.

    When in doubt, look at our Event Calendar! All classes include a 16x20" cotton canvas, use of our paint, paintbrushes, apron, easel, and step-by-step instruction provided by one of our awesome local artists.

    nn.threadsol.com/163595-cheating-girlfriend-samsung.php Wine and beer are also available to purchase at our bar. Beverages are not included in the reservation cost. There are no beverages available for purchase at the Ol' Hot Yoga studio; outside beverages permitted, alcoholic beverages are prohibited from all public classes at the Ol' Hot Yoga Studio. We provide the canvas, easel, brushes, paints, and apron for the class.

    All you need to bring is your ID and any appetizers you might want during the class. We also provide the plates, napkins, and silverware.