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But when Red Jameson takes notice of her and invites her up to his secluded office one day, everything changes. As it turns out, the powerful businessman also has a voracious sexual appetite, and it's been whetted by none other than Nicole herself.

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And Red needs to be in charge at every turn. In the fight or flight mode, flight was a winner. She was getting the hell out of Dodge. Steve knocked on the closed passenger window, and whatever weirdness had a stranglehold on her loosened its grip. Thank you. She shook her head, trying to clear away the residual whatever. What was that about? She blinked. When had she locked the doors? As Steve started to turn away, she leaned across the seat to shout at him. He stared at her, his face pale with eyes that showed a lot of white.

Felt like I was sitting next to death the whole way. By the time we landed, everyone around us had moved. The dude just scares the crap out of me. Scared everyone else too. Shocked, she watched Steve drag his bag to the taxi line. Warily, she cast her soon-to-be passenger a glance before waving him over. Still, she had to renew her grip on the steering wheel when the man slid in beside her and slammed the door closed.

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She pressed her lips together as she tried to mentally wall off her feelings until she could figure them out. Once on the freeway, darkness wrapped around them. Ty what? Not just ordinary sex, but a craving so powerful she knew taking him inside her would never be enough. Only absorbing every single cell of his body would quiet the need.

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  • She almost snorted. Kelly the human amoeba. You guys related? Okay, so it was a little shaky around the edges.

    Kelly took her attention from the highway long enough to sneak another glance. Less dangerous? Maybe not. For the first time, she really took stock of what he looked like. About six four, broad shoulders, with a muscular build that came from real work and not a weight room. He had a sensual mouth, his only softening feature. Jeans, a dark gray pullover, and a short leather jacket completed the picture. She looked back at the road. Fin forgot to pass that info on. Kelly frowned. Tension rolled off him in waves. What he did do was fumble for the button to lower the window and then stare into the woods they were passing. Startled, she put her foot on the brake and eased the car to the side of the highway. Do you feel sick? He shoved the car door open and leaped out. While she watched open-mouthed, he raced into the woods.

    She needed this job.