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Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details About the Author. ENO has been an investigator of paranormal phenomena for over 40 years, beginning while he was studying for the priesthood.

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A graduate of two seminaries, he is an award-winning journalist, an international broadcaster and a respected New England historian. Will she be able to save the little girl before the ghosts get what they want? Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 59 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about Footsteps in the Attic , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Footsteps in the Attic. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. There are many possibilities but based on the loudness of the sound you hear, the animal entering must be large. Only two times in the last two months have I heard the noise in my attic. It woke me up at around in the morning, it was a very loud screeching noise. Scared the crap out of me and my dog. The first time it was over the window beside my bed.

I banged on the wall and it stopped. The next time I heard it about 3 weeks later it was over at the other side of my bedroom by the other outside wall. I have read all your posts here and nothing ever mentions a screeching noise. Any idea what it is? I will ask my brother in law if he can go up and take a look in the attic for me. And since people describe sounds so differently, its not possible for us to make a positive id based on sound alone.

At this point you need to get in the attic to see if anything is nesting, if there are droppings up there or any kind of damage. So for now, lets confirm there is something up there. I hear whistling high pitch in my attic! Also hear walking around. Always between am. Inspected attic.

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No droppings. There are many potential explanations for this sound. The first would be some kind of appliance. My second guess would be something interacting with wind. Case in point; last week my son reported to me that there were either birds or mice in our attic. Having been in pest control for over 30 years, I was stumped since it was continuous so I went to investigate.

Upon entering the attic space, I could hear the sound coming from the upper mid section of the roof. Looking there I noticed our turbine vents were spinning quickly and a couple of them were making sounds which when combined, sounded like a pack of mice! If its an animal, it will quickly run away and in all likelihood, the sound will cease as soon as you enter the attic.

Now if the sound disappears when you enter the attic and as soon as you leave the attic you hear it start again, it might be related to the doorway to the attic. Lastly, to help determine if in fact it is an animal of some kind, all you need to do is to set out some food in the space.

Start with a mixed selection of apple slices, nuts, bird seed and any kind of pet food like dried cat, dog or rabbit food.

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  • What’s that noise in my attic!.
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Give us a call if you need more help. At around 1am I heard a loud noise in one spot of my ceiling. The noise seemed to get louder but it stayed in one spot. It was like something moving in one spot. Any idea what it might be? Most likely a opossum or raccoon but its hard to say for sure. For this reason its generally fine to trap them in the attic if you can reach the area where you hear the sound.

More info on this process can be found in our articles here:. We have foam in the attic and the sound is right above my room.

THE ATTIC GHOST! (Unexplained Noises and Footsteps)

There are many insects active right now that could be causing the sound. The most common is carpenter bees. Females will enter nests in the evening and chew all night long which can be heard inside the home. They tend to be active mostly at night but sometimes during the day as well. Lastly, old house borers or powderpost beetles will commonly make sounds that can last all night long. Thank you so much! Both the outside and inside of my room are covered in wood. Last year had an exterminator come out because of droppings in the hall bathroom that I thought were rat droppings.

He closed up or put mesh around the washing machine pipes cause he could not find any other possible entry points. Also put traps glue and mouse traps all over the bathroom and laundry room. Have not seen any droppings since and there was never a rat or mouse on the traps. I have a 3 story townhouse is it possible for a raccoon to climb that high?

There are no trees around and I am an interior unit. If I do check midday would a raccoon be up there during that time and attack? The only time conflict is likely to occur is if you corner, spook or surprise an animal and all three of these would require intent. This is paramount for a fix to be suggested. Lastly, get a light fixture installed up there. If one is not strong enough to fully light the area, get more.

And that can only be acquired by getting up there and doing some inspecting. So for now, decide if you want to proceed and if you do, report back via email or a phone call and we should be able to further advise. I just spent a long time reading up on the info your site provides — very helpful in getting the brain flowing! However, we do have the typical vent access that the builders install during construction, and they are left without any type of grating installed.

That pretty much leaves me to finding evidence of squirrels or rats, correct? This is going to make for a difficult investigation in finding droppings, or will it? I hit the wall the other morning and it immediately went quiet. Then, about 30 minutes later I could have sworn I heard it scampering to the middle of the house which is where the open vents are located.

To hear the scampering means it HAS to be something that can jump from rafter to rafter, because all of the blown insulation would dampen sound otherwise, correct or no? Thank you in advance for any advice on how to approach this given our type of construction. What I also found walking around the other day was definite evidence that we now have a mole burrowing around the perimeter and directly at the base of our house; on the same side that we are hearing these noises.

Any help is truly appreciated! You most likely have a rat or chipmunk. Rats will burrow and need to chew to grind their teeth to prevent overgrowth so they are the likely culprit. But chipmunks will also gnaw; just not as much. You can read up on both animals here:. Both animals love to nest alongside foundations. Both are drawn to bird seed or grass seed. Rats are drawn to pet food too; both cat and dog food flavors as well as rabbit food, etc.

Basically any kind of animal feed. Now even if you have no bird feeders or pets, if a neighbor does, it could be the reason the animal s are around. If I found this around my home, I would first bait the burrow with some bird seed or pet food. My goal would be to find something the animal wants to eat. Remember, most any pipe can transmit sound throughout a structure making it hard to isolate the starting point.

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Noises in the attic - Are animals causing noise in my walls or ceiling?

Remember, this is the only way we can stay around and be here to answer your questions and keep our web site up and running. Thanks for your business! Thank you so very much for responding and for providing the link! I just came down from the roof, and to my surprise what I found is that something has actually been chewing on or eating our roof shingles! The damaged shingles are in the spots where we have been hearing that noise I described, so I know this is the source of the noise.

We do have a bird feeder in our backyard that entertains a lot of the wildlife here, so that is definitely something we need to consider going forward. However, would a squirrel or rat be the one doing this? I can now see that the chewing marks are small in nature but are starting to do enough damage that this is going to be a problem fairly soon.

I have already identified 5 shingles that need replacing because they have chewed them down to the fiber that the shingle material is attached to. Aside from putting barbed wire across the roof, any idea of what else we could do please? And the live trap would be the way to proceed to accomplish this goal. Now whether its a rat or squirrel is the only question but does it really matter? That question aside, I have seen squirrels every now and then chew shingles. Now you could try to repel them from the area. We have two options both of which are detailed in our rat and squirrel article. The first would be the use of Pest Rid Spray.

This bad tasting agent uses food grade oils to make things unsuitable to bite or chew. But it might be considered to spot treat the trouble spots with the hope that the animal leaves for good and ignores surrounding areas. The second repellent option would be to install some Ultra Sound devices. If you set up a Yard Gard on the roof in one corner of the roof with the sound directing out over the area where the activity is happening, it will definitely repel any small animal.

Well, at least one side. The cord for the power supply is 35 feet long but can be extended if needed since its a thin, low voltage wire.

But its And lastly, the live trap and removal method is no doubt the most positive way to proceed because the problem will be taken away for good. Personally I have trapped countless squirrels and chipmunks as well as rats around my yard due to my bird feeders. I love feeding the birds but the rodent activity is unacceptable. So for me, the live trap is easy to use and never fails.

Have not found any signs and the house is only 10 years old. Have had a pest control service come and check themselves which said they saw no signs either. Every night I sit in my living room I hear the noise which is very aggravating. I have used a stethoscope and can not verify the noise in the wall would just like suggestions. Do I set traps even if they are not in the right area?

In this case you have neither. So for now, you must locate an area where there is an active animal. In all cases, animals entering the home will leave droppings. This would be a sure sign. But often times they will do some damage to your home where they chew. So in your case, if you have a pet or if you keep bird feeders in your yard, set some of the pet food or bird seed out on paper plates.

Make of these placements in your basement, crawl space and attic. Any animal that enters these areas will readily feed on one or the other. The goal by making these placements is to get whatever is entering to feed. Once they start feeding, they will be susceptible to traps. Now at this time, the list of animals that could be entering is long. But every one which could be entering has to eat. And once you find any of the offerings you set out have been fed upon, let us know.

Hello, Thank you very much for the information that you provide. Twice now I have been woken up by a loud scratching noise coming from the attic. It stays in one spot the vent in the kitchen and both times it was in the early mornings 2am and 4am-still dark. When I turn on the light and make noise it stops for a long time but last night it started back up about two hours later. Orkin came out the first time I heard it, did a thorough inspection and said that they found no evidence of an animal.

Any thoughts? Our thoughts that you should keep your attic space clear of animals. They can cause damage to wiring as well as leave a mess where active. At this point, installing our sound repeller is probably your best bet. It uses a range of sounds as well as light to freak out animals likely to nest in this area. Once installed and turned on to run all the time, it will keep out everything from squirrels to rats to mice and more.

For a few months now I have been hearing a noise coming from the ceiling that sounds like a shitzu sized dog up there running chasing rats. I do know there are rats. Could this noise be a giant rat do they get that big in SW Florida or could it be something else. Its not possible to accurately judge the size or species of any animal based on sound alone. It works on all animals and will keep everything out for years to come.

I sprinkled a few pellets around and was able to get the rat s on video! Here comes the frustrating parts: nothing in traps, sticky traps, electronic or cage traps. A pro-exterminator and 3 other PROs come out — seal openings that could be entryway- no definitive space found. For a month tried 2 Prof Baits… nothing.

Still have video cams and traps up there. Nothing I can see. I have found that rats can see infrared! This light tapping happens mostly during the daytime — or afternoon. But then so did the rats running and chewing… daytime!! Not their MO, right? Most all animals will have numerous locations to use during bad weather. So if something is using your attic one night, it does not mean it will be there every night.

Footsteps in the Attic

During a bad storm or excessive cold, it may hunker down at another location to wait out the bad weather. How do we know? But what they do know is scent. Specifically animal scent. And these trails will persist for years even if you somehow were to remove every animal using the space. Long story short, if you want to stop the invasions from happening, read through our article here:. Next, installing one of our Sound Repellers in the attic will keep animals out for good — guaranteed. So our best advice is to stop wasting time trying to figure out what animal you might have or worse yet, buying all kinds of baits and traps hoping they might work.

Installing our sound repeller is a permanent fix and will cover all animals. And it will do so immediately so why wait? Leave this field empty. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. Your comment will be deleted! Comments Thank you so much for these videos. Hey there!