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Any discipline can fall into this trap regardless of their political power. Designers can make choices that have outstanding usability or aesthetic values, but poor business or technological implications. Engineers can choose great technological models , that fail the important user and business scenarios. The real secret ingredient is synergy, and mastery of tradeoffs, not an isolated brilliance in any singular domain.

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There is no single metric for this in any industry or philosophy, and in part, this is why the idea of an optimal design is so strange. On the day your code is finished, your design stops changing, but the world keeps moving. Your competitors may release a new version, or go out of business.

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Your budget may be cut in half, or the size of your staff may double. New information may be made available to you, or you may find something than invalidates a key assumption you made. Any of the individual variables that you tried to design for can change at any time. The user scenarios and tasks that you target in your work have a certain lifespan.

Some segment of your users will develop new needs and goals that you did not plan for. The success you have with one design may expose users to new areas of your website, and they will discover that there are new things that they want to do, that your design does not enable. But it still represents a challenge to the designer. How do you elevate an existing design to meet new demands, while simultaneously satisfying less progressive customers? How do you manage or measure the rate of change between these groups of users? It takes significant effort and resources to capture, much less analyze, data on these types of trends.

Even if you could capture it effectively, what would it mean to optimize this kind of decision?

Instead you are optimizing for one specific effect of the design: and that may be the only thing you can ever really optimize. People outgrow things. They develop new opinions, and change their habits.

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The same person that is thrilled when you launch, may have learned the basics through your design, and moved on to a more elaborate offering from one of your competitors. A change in career, hobby, spouse or lifestyle can upset their relationship with your services enough for them to move on completely. How can you optimize for something so fragile and variable as human behavior? You can plan for it, and make assumptions, but that is never accurate enough to call it optimal.

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With a user base of a reasonable size, you will always find contradictions in their needs, desires and performance in the usability lab. This is yet another dimension to design problems. It must be added to all of the others mentioned so far, multiplying the complexity of your design problem. No choice is made in isolation. Even bug fixes, or purely engineering decisions, can represent this complexity: many subtle bugs, once encountered and learned, can be tolerated by people.


Human beings adapt their own behavior to work around problems. But when the bug is removed, in some cases, it may force people to endure the negative experience of changing their behavior to relearn a task. They may initially suffer as a result of the removal of a design flaw. How can you optimize for this scenario? What algorithm can you apply to determine when this decision makes sense? Tools or rules of thumb may help you to model the possible outcomes, and user data may express some salient points about human behavior, but there is no way to completely eliminate the uncertainty from these kinds of difficult decisions.

Lets see what happens.

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If the design machine takes time to operate, it is itself consuming a resource: time. While it is generating its solution, the engineering team is waiting. How much time should the machine spend coming up with an optimal design?

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The word optimal is the wrong word for the dynamics of a design problem, because it implies the existence of a single algorithm for precise measurement, which given everything so far in this essay, is never possible. The paradox continues if you try to add more machines. You could argue that a second machine is needed, assuming that the optimal way to use the first machine is to have another design machine that can decide when and how to use the first machine.

But this puts you back in the exact same trap: the second machine is consuming resources too.

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The key lesson is this: no matter how valuable or powerful your tools are, people still have to make tough choices, with limited knowledge of the important variables, and an inability to predict precisely what the outcome will be. Everything has its price. The more criteria you try to satisfy simultaneously, the more constrained you are for satisfying them individually this is why clear project goals are imperative.

In this respect, a swiss army knife represents a fascinating design compromise. If you own a home you've likely dealt with excessive clutter and disorganization on numerous occasions. It's not easy to take care of children, work a full-time job, and keep your house clean and tidy, but there is a way to accomplish the feat.

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