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What is causing this phenomena with these students? Quinn is the main character in this b Heartsick by Caitlin Sinead is refreshing change in the New Adult genre. Quinn is the main character in this book. She is an art major at the exclusive Poe University in Virginia. She is looking forward to her senior year. It seems as though there is a virus or some kind of chemical change that is affecting a group of students. Their eye colors are changing and their DNA is changing.

When it starts to spread among the campus and small town, the government authorities are called in. The pandemonium begins. At the same time Quinn has just met the sexy townie Luke. He is unlike most of the men she has ever dated. Luke is also a detective. When this odd virus begins to spread he puts his investigative skills to work.

When murder comes into play it is clear that everyone at Poe University and citizens of the town are in danger. Heartsick was a riveting romantic suspense. I am going to say romantic very loosely. The reason I am saying loosely is that the build up, sexual tension, and desire between Luke and Quinn was not overly convincing. I never felt the heat between them.

I never felt the attraction. Then there was another contender added to the mix. Quinn had a history with Rashid. He was still vying for her interest. I never really felt any connection between these two at all. Although this plot was unique, there were kinks throughout the story. The characters were obscure in some ways. It was hard to get a handle on who they were. Their connections to one another were confusing at times and hard to grasp.

The sequencing of the story was hard to follow at times. I felt different passages were jumping all over the place. In the end I felt like the conclusion was somewhat rushed. Overall Heartsick was an interesting story. I just felt like it needed some work to reach the potential it promised. Feb 01, T. Hernandez rated it really liked it Shelves: new-adult , contemporary , arcs , read-in , mystery. Although it starts off pretty slow, it picks up about halfway through and turns into a pretty good page-turning mystery.

When Quinn's roommate, Mandy, begins showing strange symptoms, not the least of which is lavender eyes, she finds herself embroiled in the mystery of the century. As more symptoms and victims pile up, the small town of Allen, Virginia finds itself at the center of a media and panic firestorm. Caitlin is torn between brainy Rashid, fellow student at Poe University, and towie, L Although it starts off pretty slow, it picks up about halfway through and turns into a pretty good page-turning mystery.

Caitlin is torn between brainy Rashid, fellow student at Poe University, and towie, Luke. Each has something to offer, making her inability to choose somewhat understandable. But I had a hard time with understanding the way she bounced back and forth between them, sometimes hour-to-hour or even minute-to-minute. Plot The plot centers around the mysterious illness plaguing Poe University students as it spreads from Caitlin's roommate, Mandy, patient 0, to the broader Allen community.

Numerous theories abound, including it being the work of the devil, a side-effect of a new club drug, or a manufactured virus. When another symptom appears to be miraculous healing in those with purple eyes, sick people from everywhere come to Allen hoping to catch the virus, and with it a cure for whatever ails them. The love-triangle subplot is almost thrown in as an afterthought. If you come for the romance, stay for the mystery, because that's what really drives this story.

World Building The author creates a believable world of small town paranoia and life for both locals and students when an exclusive university is the biggest thing around. Characters The cast is pretty large, but Caitlin is the main character. She's not particularly likeable, but she does have her moments and by the end, I found myself rooting for her. Mandy is the most interesting character, with her tragic backstory and her love for a nerd when she could have almost any hot guy she wanted.

Luke, one of Caitlin's love interests, is more rounded and sympathetic than hot, brainy, Rashid. There's also a whole host of colorful locals and college students to make a tapestry of characters that drives the plot. The Mystery. I love a good new adult romance wrapped up in a mystery. It might be my new favorite genre. He's totally badass with a nice soft underbelly and a big heart. What's not to like about the loveable Freshman? She's feisty, spunky, and as loyal as they come.

Allen, Virginia. This small town has heart and soul and perfectly encomasses a place where everyone knows your name and your business and aren't afraid to tell you what they think you should do about your life. Bottom Line Heartsick is a surprise hit. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it exceeded my nebulous expectations. Disclaimer I was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Jan 24, Brittany rated it liked it.

It was different than I expected, but definitely in a good way! Quinn the main character is a normal girl that just wants to make the best of her college experience. Unexpectedly, students start turning up with purple eyes around campus and she decides that it's up to her to decide what is the cause behind this.

Quinn is a very determined character and I really liked that about her, even though sometimes it could have gotten her into major trouble she was driven and intelligent enough to get to the bottom of the strange occurrence. Of course along the way she meets a guy, Luke, who becomes interested in her. While I don't really have anything horrible to say about him, I wouldn't say he's my favourite male character ever. Sometimes I felt he could come across as a bit rude, but then again sometimes i think we're spoiled with perfect male characters that make us forget that real people aren't as perfect as books make them seem.

So I guess he's actually fairly realistic then. There is a bit of a love triangle involved, but it isn't the driving force behind the storyline - which I really liked. Quinn wasn't necessarily driven by romance which is a little different than many stories, she recognized that she wasn't in the best position in life to have a relationship, so good for her for sticking to it. Probably the most interesting component of Heartsick is the mystery aspect behind it. It leaves you wondering and trying to figure out who is behind this mysterious disease, and ultimately why. Quinn takes it upon herself to figure this out, making this book filled with suspense and mystery.

Will she figure it out before bad things start happening? Who can she trust? There are so many questions you are plagued with while reading, and the story captivates you from beginning to end. The pacing is pretty good, it feels like it drags on a little bit but I'm also very impatient and I really just wanted to get to the bottom of what was happening - so it could just be me who thinks that! Overall, Caitlin Sinead did a really good job with this, she managed to intertwine romance, mystery, and suspense into a book that leaves you flipping pages until the end. One tiny thing I would say is that it leans a little bit more towards upper young adult rather than new adult, so if that is a factor that would make you more inclined to read it, it's just something to think about.

Jan 17, Rhiannon St. Clair rated it it was amazing Shelves: , reading-challenge. Quinn and Mandy are best friends, roommates, and students at Poe University, which is located in a small Virginia town. The two are living seemingly normal lives until something weird happens on campus and people start cropping up with purple colored eyes.

Everyone in the town, from the police to the students themselves, starts working to figure out what the cause is. I would form one theory in my mind, and no sooner had I settled on it then something happened which would make me question my own train of thought. A big part of what made the book so enjoyable for me was how Sinead wove some real life current events and issues into the plot. Sinead did a terrific job with the characters in this story. Each character had a few qualities about him or her that stood out, and these qualities were always apparent in some way throughout the course of the story.

Oh, and Sinead plops a little romance right smack dab down in the middle of this book, which it only adds to the already awesome storyline. I found myself rooting for love to prevail between Quinn and Luke because I liked them together so much. Heartsick kept me craving more and Sinead kept the plot moving forward, but twisting and turning in the best of ways. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Jan 07, Lindy rated it really liked it Shelves: blog-review. My Thoughts: Heartsick by Caitlin Sinead was a book unlike any other that I've read, which is saying a lot. After reading so many books, I tend to pick up on similar themes, phrases, and ideas.

It was such a refreshing treat to read a book that was unique and hasn't been overdone or as far as I know, been done before. I love the beautiful book cover, and once I read the synopsis for the story, I was curious. I am happy to say that Heartsick kept my attention from the beginning to the very end.

In Heartsick, we are dealing with a story that encompasses mystery, suspense, and a little bit of romance. College Art major, Quinn is in her senior year. One night after she goes to a college frat party with her good friend and roommate, Mandy, their lives are turned upside down.

Mandy wakes up the next morning with purple eyes.

Finding June

Soon Quinn, and other students eyes also begin to turn people, with interesting side effects, and no known reason. Quinn is determined to solve this mystery. Religious fanatics think that people with purple eyes are evil and going to hell, others hypothesize that this is a side effect from a new recreational drug, or that this was a manufactured virus. As Quinn begins digging with the help of Rashid, a science nerd, and Luke a detective, both are guys that she's dating, she gets closer to the truth Simultaneously, chaos is breaking out with murder, mandatory quarantine, looting, violence, and danger all around.

I enjoyed the elements of mystery and suspense in this story. I was determined to solve the mystery right along with Quinn, and had fun coming up with my own theories of what was happening. There was a little bit of romance between both Quinn and Rashid, as well as Quinn and Luke, but it was not the focal point of the story. Quinn just wanted to have fun with both guys and wasn't looking for a commitment.

The end of the story left room for a sequel. We are given an answer to the mystery behind the purple eyes, but there are a couple of loose ends that made me think there will probably be a sequel. If you are looking for a story with a new idea that hasn't been overdone, puzzle solving, and a small amount of romance, try out Heartsick. Jan 18, Jaclyn House rated it really liked it. I received an ARC for an honest review! I really liked this book! When I read the synopsis, I had to learn more about a town where there's an outbreak of people who's eyes turn purple!

I loved the heroine Quinn, she's smart, brilliantly talented, and as I read this story, I came to the conclusion she has a knack for getting herself into sticky situations! This book is told from her POV. The author does a great job of pulling the reader in from the beginning and setting the stage for the dra I received an ARC for an honest review!

The author does a great job of pulling the reader in from the beginning and setting the stage for the drama that ensues. The town of Allan, where Quinn attends college, is haunted by a tragedy that has created two communities, the "townies", and the "Poe kids" Add in the super cute, kind of mysterious hometown boy Luke, you're ready to embark on an interesting story. I thought this story would be about aliens coming down from the sky trying to take over the world!

In Heartsick, you experience so many different layers. There's mystery, love, deception, suspense, and loss. I loved how there's even a bit of spirituality sprinkled in. With Quinn as the narrator it was easy to become apart of the story. As her and friends try to unravel the "purple eye" mystery I felt like I was right there with them.

From every pumpkin beer that was drunk, to the leaves rustling, I was so into everything going on in the small town of Allan! Quinn and her friends also have some personal struggles that they are going through. In the midst of what's going on in the town, having to fit in personal issues really gave the story some depth and insight into why the characters behaved they way they did.

Steamy Romance Book Recommendations

There's an unsung hero in this book, Conrad, whom I absolutely loved! He provides so much guidance and wisdom. He is a the ray of sunshine in this dark town. My fav quote comes from him "forgiveness is a powerful thing but it's not necessarily the same as absolution. You can forgive someone for hurting you while still seeking justice. Pay attention to every conversation and every action. If you love putting together pieces of a complicated puzzle, this book is for you! This book kept me engaged to the very end.

A great story that captures small town drama and takes you on a "who dun it" journey, Heartsick is a great read! Feb 16, Lustful Literature rated it liked it. Heartsick by Caitlin is a romance novel that deals with a mystery illness. The story is set in a Poe college. Quinn the main character is excited that this is her last year. She just wants to have fun and finally figure out what she plans on doing after college. I am really glad I stuck with this story because when it picked up I found myself trying to solve this mystery illness. There are threats to the students who succumb to this mystery illness and besides the government there is a religious group who are hell bent on making sure they never get out.

Although there was danger from the unknown and the cult, Quinn was determined to find out the cause of the illness. Half the campus is in quarantine and not allowed to leave but Quinn is constantly breaking the rules and finding more and more clues. She meets Luke right before the epidemic and is constantly defying his wishes.

She is determined to help her friends and others. Luke is a loveable character. He is handsome, sweet and caring. Neither Luke nor Quinn were looking for a relationship but the epidemic brings them together. Rashid another possible love interest is a scientist. I did not really see the connection. Luke was true to his character throughout the story. When we finally dive into the mystery illness, the author gives readers danger and suspense.

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There are twist and turns that I did not see coming. I would have liked to focus more on how this epidemic came about. I really would have liked to have had more of Quinn and Luke too, but the story is fast-paced. This is a stand-alone but I think from the ending there could possibly be another book. There were parts that I did not understand but overall it was a good read. I would like to see if the author comes out with another book that digs more into this illness and its cause.

Feb 18, Lorna rated it really liked it Shelves: good-standalone , science-fiction. Different is usually good for me when reading a book. This book was very different, and kept me reading pretty much non-stop. It certainly was an interesting road to get there. Quinn, and her best friend Mandy, are college seniors at a prestigious college, and share a house off campus.

They hang out at a bar in town, and Different is usually good for me when reading a book. They hang out at a bar in town, and are pretty typical college students. Mandy has a geeky, but cute boyfriend, named, Zachary. Another handsome man named Rashid, is enamored with Quinn. And then one night at the bar, Quinn meets a townie named, Luke, and he is interested in her as well. When one of these characters suddenly develops bright purple eyes, their lives get turned upside down-to say the least.

Yes, this was a mystery, and included an unexplained, heartbreaking death, arson, and a town turned upside down in controversy. It was well written, with good characters, and even the villains were pretty well realized as well. Religious zealots, and townies that pretty much hate all the students, made for quite a few villains, as well as others.

On purpose, I am not telling any more about the actual story, so the reader can be as surprised as I was. It made for a quick read, and one that was actually very thought provoking. A copy of this book was supplied by the publisher by way of Net Galley in exchange for an honest and fair review. Apr 11, Nelia Madeira rated it really liked it Shelves: When I read the synopsis of this book I knew I wanted to read this book, it really intrigued me, love, virus, people's eyes turning purple?

I mean??? I had never heard anything like it, so I had to pick this one from NetGalley right away, so glad I got it. So, Quinn is our girl, is a senior at college in a small town, she loves art and dance and is pretty lay back, that is besides hanging out with her best friend and flirting with a boy genius at their favorite dive bar. She has no cl When I read the synopsis of this book I knew I wanted to read this book, it really intrigued me, love, virus, people's eyes turning purple? She has no clue what she is going to do with her not so useful art major, but she isn't too worry yet, she just wants to have so fun on her last year at college, no string attach relationships, that's for sure, well that is until she meets the town's hottie, Luke, who just moved back to take care of his dying sister.

Everything is going right for Quinn and then her best friend's eyes turn purple, and she is just the first one. Before they know it, more and more people are getting the purple eyes virus and they don't know where it's coming from, and once Quinn gets it, she doesn't stop until she finds out where this virus came from.

Was it a side effect from a new party drug? Or was a virus developed right in the campus lab? Or is it the mark of the devil, like the university student religious group believe? Luke falls for Quinn but keeps a part of himself private, he doesn't want to scare Quinn away, but when an accident happens and Quinn and Luke are caught in the middle of it, Luke's is forced to tell the truth to Quinn and is surprised to see Quinn's reaction.

I really loved reading this book, I wanted a little more relationship development from Quinn and Luke and her friends too. Quinn felt a little bit winning at times, but she did get better, I loved Luke, he was always there when you needed him. But the end was pretty good, it was a good closure. No spoilers I gave a 4 out of 5 stars for this book, I recommend it. Dec 28, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: netgallery. Heartsick by Caitlin Sinead was something I really wasn't expecting. I knew from the synopsis it was going to be slightly sci-fi like, maybe have some mystery thrown in there too and was labelled as a New Adult book.

However I didn't realise how much I was going to enjoy the story. I love a good mystery and from the onset with Heartsick we are left wondering what has happened and why people have the mysterious purple eye disease. The story is told from Quinn's point of view and she's a great char Heartsick by Caitlin Sinead was something I really wasn't expecting. The story is told from Quinn's point of view and she's a great character to tell a tale. Quinn is very artistic - she's paints, makes sculptures Well, she is an art major and also dances too.

So her outlook on life and the way she sees things in my opinion is slightly less straight laced and she is certainly more open in her views. I loved that Quinn wasn't a 'romance fuelled' girl looking for love blah blah blah, giving her more of Dare I say typical teen male view towards relationships made her that much more fun to read about. Quinn's best friend Mandy is great too and their friendship dynamic is really great to read about. The story has good pace, there's adventure, mystery and plenty of fun. The reason for my lower rating was I would have liked a little more romance.

This book was labelled as a New Adult book which insinuates it is for the more mature audience, yet if you took the 1 sex scene out of it and 1 foreplay scene, in honesty it could have been more of a YA. I just wanted a little more 'adultness' if that is even a word.

Over all though I enjoyed this story, I do think it was dragged out a little but it is still worth a read. I gave it 3. Feb 22, Jenna rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , arc-or-blog-tours , edelweiss-netgalley , new-adult-read-in I love reading a story with well developed characters to go along with a great plot, so Heartsick hit all the right notes for me. Not only were the characters intriguing, but the story itself was an emotional ride that had twists and turns. The one downside for me was the quasi love triangle between Quinn, Luke, and Rashid.

While Heartsick starts off a little slow, it was easy to get sucked into the mystery surrounding the unknown virus and what could be its cause. But, while this is the main plot point, the novel focuses more on the characters themselves and how they respond to the appearance of the virus. Jan 26, Zili rated it liked it Shelves: na , contemporary-romance , thriller-crime-mystery , uni , netgalley. The concept behind Heartsick is very clever and I enjoyed the mystery element. The story focuses on Quinn, a University senior, as she faces a strange mystery, the last year of Uni and romantic entanglements.

When people's eyes suddenly start turning purple, Quinn decides to work out why and find who is responsible. I wasn't sure if we were facing something supernatural or a simple mystery at first - I wasn't expecting things to turn out quite as they did, but I liked tha 3 - 3. I wasn't sure if we were facing something supernatural or a simple mystery at first - I wasn't expecting things to turn out quite as they did, but I liked that the story wasn't predictable. I wasn't entirely sure of the age range because it could have been a mature YA book or a younger NA. I did like Quinn though and her carefree spirit was a refreshing change from the more angsty female leads out there.

The ARC I read did have some formatting and editorial issues, with words being joined together and a few typos, but I imagine this will be fixed for the actual book release. So I haven't let it influence my review. Quinn made me smile with her 'modern' approach to romance. Her opinions on dating were hilarious. There's a sort-of love triangle between 'hot-nerd' Rashid her words not mine and sexy local Luke - who I loved btw! I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

More reviews on Zili in the Sky Jan 03, Sasha Hibbs rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. Heartsick is a novel that pushed me to read out of my comfort zone.

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This isn't a bad thing, actually, it happens to be a good thing. It's books like Heartsick that make me want to keep my eye out for novels like it. It makes me want to broaden my horizons in certain genres. The beautifully haunting cover is what sucked me in. And then the premise of the book was so unique like a blending of 3. And then the premise of the book was so unique like a blending of genres that I couldn't resist. I won't bore you with rehashing the synopsis, you can read that on your own. But my thoughts about the book are short, sweet and simple: Pick it up and read it if you're intrigued by NA, suspense, and romance with a nice paranormal-like theme.

I loved the town of Allen, VA. It felt as though I were there. This book has lots of raw emotion and sexual tension. The story was refreshing and new and I loved it. Both the character of June and of Reece were well-defined. I absolutely loved the fresh approach. June was a strong character, but felt so real. She cried and laughed and wanted so many things.. Reece was my kind of alpha male, he is strong both inside and out and stood up for what he believed in.

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I was super sad to see it end and I can not wait to see what books Caitlin has coming next :. We gave this book 5 stars. I adored this book. Caitlin Kerry is definitely an author to watch out for. As soon as I was finished I wanted to read it again! Everyone in their life can relate to not having everything together, well at least I can. June Rosewood thought she had everything going for her, a recent college graduate, long-term boyfriend, her life was filled with endless possibilities. Things go wrong, however, when her boyfriend dumps her on the white, sandy beaches of Mexico, leaving June heartbroken.

While waiting tables, she meets Reece Day, sexy, confident and seems to be perfectly put together. Reece wants to know her story. His care-free attitude, his amazing charm, and his way of living had me swooning. Reece and June work as servers in a restaurant, in which I absolutely loved, having waited tables for 15 years. I felt the author was spot on in her depiction of serving, which had me laughing remembering my time as a server If anyone has ever waited tables The words in this book speak volumes to the reader, and I was finding myself really beginning to find my own way.

This is a great feel-good story that will have you laughing, learning and loving every bit of it. A book that will leave you happier and smiling, while never wanting it to end. This is definitely on my list of favorites. Very well written Caitlin Kerry, thank you for a great read!! Rating: 5 stars May 04, The Book Trollop rated it really liked it. June was a very complex character who set out on a journey to really find herself.

She thought she was suppose to be a certain way, do certain things but she didn't know what those things were. She had a degree, a failed relationship, a bestie, and a waitressing job. And other than those things, she didn't know what else she was suppose to do with her life.

I think we all have been there. Wandering around, not really knowing what to do or who we want to be. It is only by chance or maybe a miracl June was a very complex character who set out on a journey to really find herself. It is only by chance or maybe a miracle some people know which course to take and know exactly where they are headed in life, when the rest of us are just trying to keep our heads above water and try not to drown in the mundane world we call life. I think Caitlin did a fantastic job portraying a woman who is just, lost.

She doesn't know which direction to turn and if it wasn't for Reece to help guide her along, she would probably still be lost. Which brings me to the next character, Reece.

Caitlin Moran | Jane & Bex book blog

He did a lot for June. He stuck by her side, guided her through difficult times, and then was there to just listen when she needed it most. It also helped that he was gorgeous and she got to be naked with him ; I think everyone needs a person to help them, whether it is a friend, lover, parent, counselor, etc, it is important to have that person to help you along the way and help you see the potential in yourself and the world around you. I really enjoyed the overall theme of this story because I have been in situations where I was at a crossroads and didn't know where in life I was headed.

So it was interesting to see and be inside the mind of someone else who was on this journey, as well. I loved June's smartass mouth and the cute, funny banter she seemed to have with everyone. I also loved how well this story was written and how involved I got in this story! The only thing I did not care for was the relationship between Reece and June was a little anticlimactic.

And there were times where I was getting tired of being inside June's mind because of all the back and forth BUT then again, she was a person figuring herself out, so that should be expected. Oct 06, Natalee Grimaldi rated it it was amazing Shelves: In Finding June, debut author Caitlin Kerry tells us a poignant story about growing up and finding yourself after you thought you had your life already figured out.

For June, a recent college graduate with the world at her fingertips, not finding a well-paying job and not being able to follow her carefully planned life goals is a real buzz kill.

And that something new is encased in the gorgeous Reece Day. What she ends up figuring out is that Reese, also working a dead-end job, has life more figured out than she could ever hope for herself. Since I read this book during multiple editing phases, I felt like I saw something really good evolve into something really, freaking amazing!

Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, Finding June—and June herself—were well written. And Reece? Boy oh boy, is he one charming fella!! I completely fell in love with him, a head over heels kind of love. Apr 03, Kara rated it really liked it. Rating: 4 stars Here we have Just June's story where she meets Reece Day along her journey of self-discovery. I connected with the characters but more importantly I connected with Reece's soul-deep, meaningful words of wisdom for June about life and choices we make. June has her own wisdom and humor that I loved as well but how Reece was able to deliver these words to June in a powerful manner spoke to me as the reader and her receptiveness to these words spoke volumes about her character as well.

Therefore, their ways of communication connected me with them. Something I would've liked to see differently is that while June is finding love she's put other things aside and therefore I felt the book moved rather slowly. June is hesitant, second guesses herself and this has limited her in finding happiness. So on several levels the music connections, words of wisdom connections, and bookstore connection the novel and I were one!!

I just wanted more at the end because it wrapped up quickly and the middle could've moved more quickly. June and Reece are breaths of fresh air and I deeply enjoyed them and to me that's more important than the pace of the novel. There's also no cliffhanger, although I'm hoping to get more of June and Reece because I'd love love love to see what she makes of her blank canvas space--and to see if she becomes "Just June Day"!!

So give this a try and find your next crush! May 02, Danielle from Short and Sassy rated it liked it. Finding June is a story about June, who is a little lost in life. Her boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with her. She graduated from college with a degree and no job prospects.

She is waiting tables at a bar and knows it was suppose to be a temporary job, but is now becoming a long term thing. June is pretty much lost right now. June is positively refreshing when it comes to what she is thinking. She says what is exactly on her mind. No filter. Not thinking before she says it. It just comes out. That makes her funny and different. It can come across bitchy and rude to some, but once you get to know June, you see it really isn't how she is. When June returns from a summer job away, she meets a waiter at her old job who was hired while she was gone, Reece.

Reece is just what June needs. He is a laid back guy who has been travailing the United States for the last 8 years, running from his own past. But his traveling has made him see things different. He tries to help June confront her own fears, all while being a friend to her. Reece wants something more with June, but June is not so sure.

She doesn't want to drag anyone else down since she is still reeling over her boyfriend dumping her. I love June and Reece's relationship. It stated off as friends until Reece could slowly win June over. He was a awesome guy who seemed to be exactly what June needed to figure out her path in life. Mar 05, Rebecca Wheeler rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It is typically New Adult, which I don't read a lot of any more.

It's set just after June has finished her college degree, yet doesn't really know what to do with herself. I recognised that we all go through a bit of this, before we find ourselves. There were earlier parts, that I got frustrated with June's indecision, and outbursts. I did have trouble connecting at this stage. She had a "feel" like another beloved character from a favourite book read previously: M I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I loved Reece as a character to temper June. This is a beautiful slow burn romance, taking the time to become friends, stoking the passion brewing until June is ready.

A wonderful debut for this new author, and I look forward to reading her next book. Mar 02, Amy Eppig bull rated it it was amazing. A true 4. What a refreshing story! She has a mediocre job, meddling family, fabulous girlfriends, and a boyfriend EX that dumped her in the shittiest way possible. On the verge of an emotional break, June decides to take some well deserved "me" time and enjoys a summe A true 4. Both the character of June and of Reece were well defined. I was super sad to see it end and I can not wait to see what books Caitlin has coming next Jul 05, Amanda rated it really liked it.

I love reading the stories that describe the character and their feelings so well you know exactly what they are going through. At times June did seem a little immature, though at other moments some of her decisions were made with more of a mature outlook which I felt made her a little more relatable. When characters in books are overly immature it can sometimes be annoying but I think that the amount that Junes personality shows was just right as it reflected her vulnerability. June is lost and I love reading the stories that describe the character and their feelings so well you know exactly what they are going through.

June is lost and a little heartbroken at the start of the book and it really shows in her attitude and the choices she makes. When meeting Reece she is standoffish at first, showing just how much her past relationships have affected her, but gradually they do develop a friendship and then some thing more. Their relationship isn't rushed and their personalities compliment each other making for a great love story. I also really liked the ending of this book, I won't say too much because I don't want to give anything away but it was great to see June following her heart and not giving in to other people's expectations of her.

It's always good to read about a character finding their strength. Jul 18, For the Love of Books rated it it was amazing. June is lost and at a crossroads in her life, often how we feel after graduating college. She thought she had her life planned but things happen to show that this is not the case. That is until she meets the delectable Reece who is now my new book boyfriend! Reece gets under June's skin and begins to break down her walls. The author Caitlin Kerry knows just how fast to make this happen in order to make the storyline believable and realistic. Reece shows June how to do what is right for herself without worrying about how this effects others.

June is brave and takes a chance hoping that Reece will support her no matter what. This all takes place amongst family sagas, burning buildings, puppy buying and having fun with friends. I really loved this book the strength of Reece and the believability of June. I loved how the friends were part of the story but Caitlin Kerry let June and Reece play the staring roles.

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Thank you for an amazing book, I look forward to the next one!!! May 01, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Great book!! June was a great character and Caitlin really did a great job portraying her story. I really loved reading about June and all that she had been through throughout her young life. I loved June because even though she may have been some what lost she still made her life work without anyone pushing her. She is a very complex woman but also funny, sarcastic, and a touch egg to crack. Reece was a sexy boy running from his past but finding a great future as well.

He had a rough time dealing Great book!! He had a rough time dealing with his past, so traveling around from place to place gave him a new life during every move he made. That being said moving back to his home town was a little more pleasurable than he expected. He found the home he didn't expect to find. I loved Reece because no matter what June did or said he never gave up on her. He was so romantic and paid attention to detail. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Caitlins work. Jan 09, Fateme kerdegari rated it it was amazing. I mean every story line is to find a relationship but here in this book the main character just endup and break to pieces : anyway the name of book is intelligent cause at first I thought it was about a month called june not a girl!

I get a connection with June at first but come on man! I got involved anyway in every movement ,dialogue, and the character.. I hope other books of this series coming out and I can read it! Jan 18, Kika rated it liked it Shelves: It's always hard when you have to write a not so fluttering review for a book. I struggled a lot with this one. The writing was decent enough, but the plot I got bored half way through the story and i swear it seemed as if i was reading a pages book instead of a one.

I just needed it to end, but it's difficult to do so when you're not interested in the story. The book is a bout a young college graduate, June. She seems to have it all, a solid business degree and a ste It's always hard when you have to write a not so fluttering review for a book. She seems to have it all, a solid business degree and a steady relationship with her boyfriend of 3 years, Owen but it all crumbles down when Owen brakes up with her. She then has to figure out not only how to be without him, but what she really wants out of her life. Enter Reece, her hot new colleague at the restaurant where she works as a server.

Overall a 2,5 star read for me. Jan 29, Sam Dojcsak rated it it was amazing. Finding June is a realistic "boy meets girl, girl doesn't collapse her walls, boy keeps pursuing, girl caves" love story. June is a girl fresh out of college looking for her next chapter of her story. I was really able to connect with this character because this is where I am in life and I have a similar love story I am currently involved in.

I really liked this novel because of how real it felt, the character development and the different situations that the characters were put in. I definitely Finding June is a realistic "boy meets girl, girl doesn't collapse her walls, boy keeps pursuing, girl caves" love story. I definitely recommend this book to people in their early 20's who aren't sure where they are going in life but never give up and hesitantly try new things. I received this novel in exchange for an honest review Nov 21, Briana Pacheco rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , new-adult , self-discovery.

Such a refreshing read! I don't know if it's just me but I love reading books about someone finding themselves. Throw in a sweet romance with a swoon-worthy guy and I'm sold. Finding June was funny and quite emotional. Everything the main characters had to deal with, made them grow and it was so nice to see. June and Reece made my heart go pitter patter a few times. I loved them. This is a short review but whatever.

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I can't wait to read the next book in this series. Feb 08, Kristine Usero rated it really liked it Shelves: I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. So this book, I like how the story is not just about pure adulterated lust where guy meets girl girl or guy has some dark secrets and all. I love that it more about of the protagonist's self discovery. It's a breathe of fresh air since the story is totally different. And i like it is such a page turner that you dont want to stop reading and kept hanging on whats next.

Sep 12, Shweta Choudhary rated it it was amazing. A very sweet romantic story about Reece and June. A story about finding yorself and deciding what to do next. I could relate to June a lot. The book gets intense towards the end of the story and I am proud that June Handled the situation perfectly There is lot of dept and character development in the book. A lesson as well. I think the plot of finding and discovering yourself has been told perfectly and in realistic way. May 07, Philomena Callan Cheekypee rated it really liked it. Loved this debut novel. Hope the author is busy writing more as this was a lovely little gem.

June the main character is on a self discovery trip. She's at that crossroads in life we all find ourselves at. I love Reece. My new book boyfriend yes he's adorable in this book. Plenty of laugh out loud moments in this book had me glued. I found this to be a real kinda story.

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Very enjoyable read. Sep 20, Julie Johnson rated it it was amazing. So many things that I love about this book! The characters and how they interact. Their back stories which bring so much depth to them. The descriptions of scenery and June's thoughts. The sensitive, strong, amazingness that is Reece. Readers also enjoyed.