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Super races are races that are far, far more powerful than humans. Super races are races that are so powerful that their participation in a conflict between the Federation and the Imperium could decisively affect the outcome of the war. Their ability to assimilate other races make them especially powerful. Their probe shows advanced shielding capability.

Some form of shielding and computer disruption capability advanced by the standards of the Federation. Maximum shields were stated to only accelerate the process. This is a palm-sized crystal capable of stopping the nuclear reaction going on within a star. How powerful? See the movie! The Zalkonians can ignore Federation shields. These four gods are the most powerful beings in the Warhammer 40K universe.

They exist in a parallel universe called the warp that exists in the Warhammer 40K universe but not the Star Trek Universe. The power of the chaos god in the warp is immense but the extent of their power outside of the warp is much more limited. Inside the warp the chaos gods can probably hold their own against any of the super races in the Star Trek universe except the Q.

Outside the warp, the chaos gods may not be as powerful as many of the super races in the Star Trek universe. Their main manifestation outside of the warp is via possession of mortals and there are limits to their ability to leave the warp. The super races of Star Trek are generally one-shots.

The super races of Warhammer 40K are part of the foundation of this universe and interference, one way or another, would be more likely from the Warhammer 40Ksuper races than the Federation super races. The main limitation of the super races of the Warhammer 40K universe is their limited ability to manifest outside of the warp. Their ability to even operate in the Star Trek universe at all has to be questioned. The Star Trek super races in turn do not have the same warp type limitations. There is no super race in Warhammer 40K universe that is anywhere near the power level of the Q.

Near human races are defined here as not being a super race and having power and ability more or less in the same range as the human race. Special attention will be given to races that do not belong to the Imperium or Federation but have special powers or abilities of significance in combat.

There are literally over a hundred near human races in the Star Trek universe. Most of them have some interesting cultural quirk developed for plot purposes but totally irrelevant in a combat situation. There are also so many one shot races that even a dedicated Trekkie has a hard time keeping them straight. The focus will be on near human races that could have a significant impact on the outcome of war if they joined forces with the Federation.

Both of these warrior races are much stronger than humans and are far better trained in combat that most members of the Federation. The Changelings could infiltrate the Imperium and acts as perfect spies. Other enemies of the Federation that have large empires and large star ship fleets include the Romulans and the Cardassians but they are not warrior races and would bring numbers but not necessarily any special warrior skills to the table.

Some of the races on this list are very powerful and would give the Imperium a significant edge in any war if they joined the Imperium. The Eldar are a race much older than humanity and can see in the future and have technology superior to that of Imperium. The Necrons are even older than the Eldars and also have combat capabilities that surpass the warrior races of the Star Trek universe. The Necrons resemble skeletons and many are thousands of years old and they are just plain creepy much creepier than any race in the Star Trek universe.

The Tyranids are an insect like race that exist in various genetic permutations. Tyranid psychology is very alien and an alliance between them and the Imperium is unlikely but they would give the Imperium a huge advantage if they joined the cause of the Imperium. There are many more near human races in the Star Trek universe than the Warhammer 40K universe. The near human races of the Warhammer 40K universe are far more powerful than the near human races of the Star Trek universe. If you judge someone by their enemies then the Imperium is indeed a fearsome force.

The participation of near human races in a war between the Federation and the Imperium would help the Imperium much more than the Federation. Below are two sets of lists for the purposes of comparing Star Trek weaponry and Warhammer 40K weaponry. The weapons of both universes have been broken into three categories: energy weapons, melee weapons and ranged weapons.

These are all the weapons available in a particular universe not just those used by the Federation or Imperium. A numerical comparison of the two lists shows that the Warhammer 40K universe has a much wider range of weapons. The Star Trek universe has 19 types of energy weapons compared to 34 types of energy weapons in the Warhammer 40K universe.

In particular, the Imperium uses a much, much wider range of melee weapons Star Trek 8 vs. Warhammer Seven of the eight Star Trek melee weapons are of Klingon or Vulcan origin. The Imperium has also tweaked many ancient melee weapons with modern technology. For example, swords have been turned into chainswords. These tweaked melee weapons are far superior to anything in the Star Trek universe. The Federation would be at a critical disadvantage in any melee situation. One could argue in a science fiction world of star ships that have energy weapons that can destroy worlds that melee combat ability is irrelevant but this is not always the case.

The Warhammer 40K universe also has a much greater number of ranged weapons Star Trek 19 vs. Warhammer 40K A superficial numerical analysis of the two lists would lead to the conclusion that the Warhammer 40K universe has far superior weapons technology. However, the Borg have developed a super bomb, multikinetic neutronic mines, that is far more powerful than anything on the Warhammer 40K list. A Borg multikinetic neutronic mines can affect an entire galaxy and destroy worlds.

The Q created Q firearms that resemble Civil War-era firearms but are so powerful their use creates super novae as a side effect. The Q firearms dwarf any weapon in the Warhammer 40K universe. Humans have used these weapons. This means that if the Federation allies itself with either the Borg or the Q and has access to Q or Borg weaponry then the Federation has the decisive edge in weapons technology.

What is not reflected in the weapons list is that Imperium has used genetic and cyborg technology to create super soldiers, the Space Marines. The Space Marines are far more powerful than any humanoid soldier in the Federation. The Space Marines have super strength, enhanced stamina, enhanced healing, enhanced durability and enhanced reflexes. They also have jump packs that enable to fly. They can carry heavy weapons and use chainswords. The Space Marines can be viewed as living weapons that have no equivalent in the Star Trek universe.

Some races in the Star Trek universe such as the Angosians have attempted to create super soldiers but have not created anything close to the Space Marines. Perhaps the closest thing to an augmented humanoid in the Star Trek universe that is similar to a Space Marine would be the Borg but they have shown themselves to be slow and clumsy in close combat even if quite strong. The Imperium soldier also has access to a wide variety of equipment when on a mission. Some gear typically carried by an Imperium soldier includes:.

Imperium soldiers also carry a wide variety of weapons including melee weapons such as a chain sword. Typically, Starfleet personnel will go on a mission with only the following gear: tricorder, communicator and phaser. This means one on one the Imperium soldier will have greater resistance to firepower due to armor and shields, superior camouflage and tactical flight capability if the soldier has a jump pack.

In general, the Imperium soldier carries far more types of military equipment that give the Imperium soldier a decisive advantage in the area of equipment in addition to the advantage they enjoy in weaponry. The Imperium uses many armored land vehicles. The Imperial Navy has a wide variety of atmospheric flyers.

Shuttle craft is not generally armed but can be fitted with phasers. The Federation relies heavily on transporter technology for travel rather than on vehicles but the Imperium also has teleport technology. A Federation star ship carries around four shuttles and each shuttle can fit four to six people comfortably.

If the transporter is down then the Federation has extremely limited ability to move personnel around. The main piece of equipment the Federation has that is important that the Imperium does not have is replicator technology. A replicator can create and recycle objects. Typically the replicator is used to create meals on a star ship.

However, in a military situation the Federation could conceivably use replicator technology to make copies of any weapon or equipment they capture from the Imperium and narrow the weapons and equipment gap between the two forces. Industrial replicators can be used to reconstruct the infrastructure of an entire planet as when the Cardassians gave fifteen industrial replicators to Bajor for precisely this purpose. Overall, the approach to weapons and equipment taken by the Federation and the Imperium is very different.

The Federation prefers to rely on a few very high tech weapons and equipment while the Imperium uses a much wider array of more specialized military gear. The Federation does not practice low-tech redundancy. Transporters largely replace vehicles. Phasers replace melee weapons. This can be a problem.

For example, the star ship Voyager used high tech bio-neural gel packs. These gel packs are essentialy organic computers. The gel packs cannot be replicated. This lack of low tech redundancy may make Federation technology much more vulnerable in extended warfare situations were possibly more delicate high tech systems start to break down. The Imperial Navy is in charge of the star ships of the Imperium. Starfleet is in charge of the star ships of the Federation. Any war between the Federation and the Imperium would largely be a space battle between the Imperial Navy and Starfleet.

The Imperial Navy is just one of the military forces available to the Imperium. The Imperium military also includes, but is not limited to, the Imperial Guard and Space Marines that act as the main infantry of the Imperium. The Imperium needs infantry to conquer and hold territory. The most powerful class star ships of the Imperial Navy are their Battleships. A Battleship can carry crews of 25, to 3,, persons. Battleships can be as big as eight kilometers. The Imperium consists of thousands of worlds. The Imperial Navy defends a territory far, far larger than that of the Federation.

Starfleet is the main military force of the Federation and does not have access to the huge and specialized infantry forces of the Imperium but instead relies on space battles and planetary bombardment to defend the Federation. The most famous star ships of the Star Trek universe are the Enterprise series which is an example of the Dreadnought class of starships. The Enterprise is the flagship of Starfleet. The Enterprise has a crew of around The length of the Enterprise is I garnered this information for the Starfleet Technical Manual. The Federation has planets. If you superimpose the two galaxies of the two universes and assume the galaxies are around the same size you realize that the territory of the Imperium is about eight times larger.

The Imperial Navy has bigger ships than Starfleet. Much bigger ships! The Imperial Navy can ferry thousands and even millions of troops in single ship versus a crew size of around on the flagship of Starfleet. The Federation is a democratic and voluntary alliance of planets that abhors militaristic expansionism and therefore does not have the same need for infantry as the Imperium. The main mission of Starfleet is exploration not war! The main mission of the Imperial Navy is very much war and not exploration.

The Imperial Navy is far superior militarily to Starfleet. Despite the superiority of the Imperial Navy compared to Starfleet, there are certain scenarios were Starfleet could win and this will be explored in the scenario section of this essay. There are thousands of scenarios possible but the scenarios below are the most commonly discussed scenarios found online about a war between two science fiction universes. The lack of scenario identification ahead of such discussion is in my view the single greatest weakness of such discussions. This weakness is apparent in some of the discussion at my post about Star Trek vs.

Star Wars at:. That experience inspired me to create a scenario approach to the problem of war between science fiction universes. Basically a good argument can only occur if you define the terms of your argument ahead of time. I urge readers, that want to post comments about this article, to please identify which scenario they are discussing. This scenario assumes that neither side receives help from super races or help from near humans that are not part of the Federation or Imperium.

The Imperium has far superior numbers and this advantage alone would give the Imperium a decisive advantage. The Imperium consists of thousands of worlds including hive worlds that have huge populations far greater than any world in the Federation. The Federation consists of planets. As if this numerical advantage was not enough, the Imperium also has a much wider range of weapons and equipment at its disposal and has a decisive advantage in this area as well.

Finally the Imperium has super soldiers, the Space Marines, that have no equivalent in the Federation. The Space Marines are masters of melee combat that are far, far superior to their Federation counterparts. The Space Marines know how to board space ships and infiltrate heavily guarded positions. The Federation in turn would have little success launching a similar commando operation against Imperium targets that would be defended by Space Marines.

One could create a sub-scenario were the Imperium is invading the Federation and cannot afford to squander forces needed to defend the Imperium home territory and fields a fleet more or less of the same number of ships and men as that of the Federation. Even if numbers were equal, the superior weapons and equipment technology of the Imperium and the superiority of the Space Marines would give the Imperium a decisive advantage.

Even in this sub-scenario the Imperium would win. Scenario 2 — Federation plus Super Races minus the Q continuum vs. Imperium plus all their Super Races. The super races of the Star Trek universe decide to help the Federation. The super races of the Warhammer 40K universe decide to help the Imperium. The participation of the Federation and the Imperium becomes almost irrelevant and they are reduced to being observers of a war between super races.

Probably both galaxies, maybe the Federation and Imperium themselves, almost get destroyed in the war between the super races but one side eventually wins even if at a terrible cost. There is an old African proverb: When elephants fight, the grass suffers. The super races of the Star Trek universe are more numerous. The super races of Star Trek universe do not exist in a parallel warp universe and do not have to deal with all the limitations that warp existence forces on the super races of the Warhammer 40K. If the super races are involved then the Federation wins.

This assumes mortal enemies of the same universe unite in the face of a greater threat from outside their universe. The super races of both universes decide this battle between the ants is none of their business and stay out of the war. The near humans are more powerful in the Warhammer 40K universe overall than the near humans in the Star Trek Universe.

Warhammer 40K wins in this scenario. The Q are as above super races as super races are above near humans. If the Q enter into the fray against Warhammer 40K then the war can be over before the war even started. The Q can go back in time and destroy and all super races and near human races before they are even born. The Q alone can take on the entire Warhammer 40K universe.

Any aid from the rest of the Star Trek universe is redundant. An entire universe is assumed to be all super races and near humans of that universe united against all super races and near humans of the other universe. This is the toughest scenario to figure out since I think the super races of the Star Trek universe are superior to the super races of the Warhammer 40K universe. However, the non-Imperium near human races of the Warhammer 40K universe are more powerful than the non-Federation near human races of the Star Trek Universe.

I would rather have superior super races on my side than superior near human races. The Star Trek universe wins but the conflict is a close one. The Orks of the Warhammer 40K universe are an intelligent species of fungi which resemble exaggerated rednecks culturally but they are actually green. They can cobble alien technology together to create incredibly ugly, Rube Goldberg type machines that nevertheless work.

The Orks are assimilated by the Borg and the result is the creation of the Bork! The Bork are essentially Bizarro versions of the Borg. The Bork overrun both universes! Star Trek wins in scenarios 2 and 4. Warhammer 40K wins in scenarios 1, 3, and 5. A scenario approach is a powerful conceptual tool that can also be applied to the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. Warhammer 40K. OK first of all fox fleet? I bow to your superior knowledge of Warhammer 40K. I have to admit that I have not heard of the super races you bring up.

What weapons did I miss? Chaos is a force of nature. It exists as an echo of reality. The Gods are emotion given form. Not only human but all the races of all the galaxies. Q pownz chaos gods? I mean Q is more poweful outside of the warp, but if he ever goes into the warp, he dead. And superraces beat the Imperium? Tkon got devastated by a supernova. That there shows how much weak and pathetic they are. Really the Imperium can do everything every Star Trek civilization can do, save for 2 or 3, but much better.

Angosians teleportation really sounds just like any Warhammer teleporters. The dyson sphere builders would get mindfucked by the GEOM, not to mention that if 26th century federation could wreck them, so can the Imperium. Really Warhammer wins all 5. Unless you presume Q are stronger than the Chaos gods in their dark realm, or the Emperor is in the warp, which, judging by what little we know of the Q, is not the case.

There is no way to destroy the chaos gods? Even if that were so, Q has demonstrasted the ability to shrinks a Calamarian ship in Deja Q and teleports it to the palm of his hand. The Chaos gods are much more powerful than the Calamarians but Q might be able to do something similar to them, literally trap them in bottle.

Excellent point! Can the Q bottle emotions? The Q can control emotions in sentinient beings. Couldnt controlling the emotions of the beings in the Warhammer 40K universe allow the Q to control the Chaos gods indirectly. Dont the Chaos gods basically feed on emotion? If not then the Q probably could not bottle the Chaos Gods. The Emperor is formidable but I dont think he is in the same power range as the Q. He might be more powerful than khorne or more? Also nurgle is fucking universal entropy. One of the contradictions of the particular Q than interacts with Picard is that he acts like a child in many respects.

Is extreme extended neonatony part of the psychological development of omnipotent beings? Anyway, Q is manipulated by Picard psychologically to some extent and Picard had a love interest, a rogue archeologist, named Vash, that really know how to play Q. Yes emotion would be one of the key weaknesses of that Q on many different levels. Actually, the Q could quite easily destroy the Chaos Gods, since WH40K canon is that they were created by the emotional backwash of the younger races humans, eldar, etc.

And, as was mentioned earlier, the Q could easily arrange for those races to have never existed, so…. Basically kill the food supply of the chaos gods and you kill the chaos gods! A ruthless solution that would work! You know in the Marvel universe the difference between a god and a demon is wether or not the being is parasitic. Gods can often get energy from their worshippers but its an extra while demons depend on that energy to survive. The chaos gods are parasistic. Slaanesh was born, Slaanesh was always there.

Time sucks in 40k. Well as for the concept of discussion. I think the the fact that chaos god feed of emotion would be figured out pretty quickly by the Federation and they would use everything from Vulcan meditation to stuff like synthihol to control the emotion of the citizens of the Federation but it would be useless given all the other advantages the 40K universe enjoys.

It seems as if everyone has forgotten about Malal a. Malice, who is the god of Chaos itself! Even if the Q destroyed the other four, the other gods of the universe, and the mortal races, they would still have to deal with Malal, who feeds off Chaos. With no sentient beings in the 40k universe, there would be complete Chaos, strengthening Malal to the point of limitless power. And then if the races destroyed were replced with newer races, that would only bring back the other four and maybe newer ones as well.

I would also like to point out about the Chaos gods is that if they were in a scenario against the people of the federation, the Chaos god would just do what they always do and tempt the people of the fed to join them. During the hours heresy, many Many space marines chapter fell into temptation BY the Chaos gods including the imperium of man and eldar alike.

The federation would be fighting each other if added that senario. Someone actually broke this down in one of comments and theorized how the different races would be tempted by the different chaos gods ie Klingons would be more likely to follow a chaos god of war and ferengi a chaos god of greed. Well put sir… ok frak the emperor he was a ploy to try to trip you up I will admit.

But the Q is governed by its rule and can not do something so vast to the whole cosmos while it has nearly limitless powers it has its own self implemented limitations. Besides the Titans ppl have mentioned. Thats true, the Inquisition and Exterminatus have not really been mentioned at all in the comments area.

Wait a minute…. I believe so…. I would also like to add for the WH40k side the Primarchs who can at the very least be considered Demi-Gods in their own right, being as they are often depicted as destroying Avatars of Khaine, etc. The others, while having access to some fantastic technology, are nothing special. Thanks for the wealth of information. You just reinforce the fact that minus the Q, Star Trek doesnt stand a chance! ONe thing that I think should also be addressed is possibly the most important aspect of this entire article.

Reguardless of how mighty the Imperium of Man might be the lack the distinct ability to adapt and create new technology. There see many many examples from the Star Trek of technology being adapted or created to solve a problem. Also, you can easily argue that the 40K Universe is far more ruthless than any thing we see in Star Trek, which is mainly a benevolent utopian society.

Even during the Dominion War the morality battles of the main characters play out by preventing plagues and such from causing the genocide of their enemies. In the face of such an overwhelming and ruthless force like the any thing from 40K what might happen if the peace loving explorers decided to put their morals away. For example, ever think what a transporter is really capable of in Star Trek, besides being pin point accurate they have very small personal versions which are far more reliable than anything in 40k.

The are examples of transporters being able to transport hundreds of people at once. You just landed a force of Marines to kill us all, why not transport them directly into space or into the depths of the planets crust, materializing in the stone itself. This can all be done from a cloaked ship, which due to the static nature of the Imperium, might never be located.

What I am trying to say is this, the people of the Federation have purposely limited thier own military technology for the benefit of peace with the civilizations. If that were to be tossed to the side, sly of their power to invent and create would be turned to stopping or destroying their aggressors.

Almost every ship in the Star Trek universe have the ability to travel at warp speed where the ships in the 40K universe have to rely on Astrogators. Star Trek ships are there for faster and able to out maneuver their 40k counter parts. People in the Star Trek universe are capable of time travel, there are even episodes where they prefect this to go back to a specific time and date. In fact, in Star Trek: Voyager ther is a race that actively changes the course of history to suite their purposes. The power to travel bsck in time alone is even beyond the Chaos Gods let alone being able to change history.

Dear Resv, I think you make several valid points. The Federation has as its primary mission exploration and peaceful contact. The Defiant is their first Warship! The Imperium is a very different creature as I try to point out in the graphic I did for this page. The Imperium is also in a state of degeneracy.

The Federation is not. As you point out, the Federation has never fought using temporal manipulation as a weapon before but has run into opponents that have done just that. The Borg attempted to destroy the Federation before it was founded in First Contact.

Personal Information

In theory the Federation could acquire Krenim technology and use it to great effect against the Imperium. I look forward to your comments. I of course came to the conclusion that 40K wins but the time war angle of Resv is interesting. And, by the way, you seem to have failed to realise that ONE space marine could probubly wipe out an intire ship full of Borg.

I guess their armor would provide a lot protection but percent? Space Marine power armor comes in many different levels of sophistication over the ages. Aegis armor is the most sophisticated and might provide adequate protection from nanite infections. The armor would have to be punctured for the Borg to insert nanites. Less sophisticated Space Marine armor would be more vulnerable to punctures. Even if the armor is punctured, the Space Marines do have enhanced physiology via the use of 19 implants. The most relevant implant for this discussion is their extra kidney.

Oolitic Kidney. This red-brown and heart shaped organ improves and modifies the Marines circulatory system enabling other implants to function effectively. The Oolitic Kidney also filters blood extremely efficiently and quickly. The secondary heart and Oolitic Kidney are able to act together, performing an emergency detoxification program in which the Marine is rendered unconscious as his blood is circulated at high speed.

This enables a Marine to survive poisons and gases which are otherwise too much for even the multi-lung to cope with. The Space Marines do not have Wolverine level immunity but maybe enough to resist some nanites ie a flesh wound. Wloverine recovered from a Brood infection so i think he would be able to resist Borg nanite infection. On the other hand he did go Zombie in Marvel Zombies. Raise your hand if you think the Brood are a thinly disguised copy of the Aliens with some Borg elements added?

You are right. Sorry if i offended you, but i just had to correct this. Marines are great warriors, the best humanity imperium can offer, but they are by no means immortal gods. But how are they going to find an input to inject the nanites? Its just slabs of energized plate metal, under which is the 40k equivalent of chainmail that also forms a vacuum seal. Under that are motorized components etc. Of course, the borg have assimilated countless interstellar civilizations culture and tech. The detail you have provided about the power armor is very important.

Part of the plot is them lumbering around and injecting humans one by one in a post modern zombie dance. Logically the borg would then develop a two pronged attack. A corrosive gas followed by a nanite gas but how much fun would that be to watch? Well actually it might be fun to watch come to think about it but it is a departure from the standard Borg plot line.

Standard bolts:Standard bolts comprise the following components: outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip. The calibre of the standard round. Inferno Bolts:Designed to immolate their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire. The deuterium core is replaced with an oxy-phosphorus gel, known as Promethium. It should be noted that the Chaos Space Marine Thousand Sons have their own similarly-named but unrelated type of inferno bolts, which are actually psychically-bound slugs that release arcane energies; these slugs explode with sorcerous energies upon impact.

Tempest Bolts: Incorporate tiny plasma shock generators that emit electromagnetic and thermal radiation when the shell detonates. Produced only on Mars, Tempest shells are noted as particularly effective against machines and mechanical targets. Due to my near fanatical faith to the both of these, I can agree that it would be a Incredibly close battle, but in the end, the logic for the 40k universe would win out.

In the rare event that All the races agreed to fight as one, the imperium would just add the cannon fodder of the imperial guard as a backup. All you would really need to use would be the Necrons, the Tyranids, and the Eldar. They could also use the Nightbringer to destroy life in their galaxy, as his sustinance is the life force of millions. If the Q came around to the devastation, they might throw their ideals out the window, but for war to be declared, their governmental system would be too slow to respond But if the system reacted fast, then the war would be over before it began.

Continuing my rant, take the Tyranids. They destory worlds in a systematic approach. The genestealer cults would draw the hiveships to the most populus worlds, and there would be little intervention. Finally, the smallest race in 40k, the Eldar, would be pivital to the end of the Star Trek universe. The Eldar have specialized warriors, who each has an undying lord, who will always return, no matter how many times he has been killed. One more thing that everyone forgot are the Titans, huge mechanical war machines of pure destruction, and every race in 40k Except the tau an maybe the necrons uses.

Again, this is only if the Q government react too slowly, or if they dont even react at all. Thank you.

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Absolutely great article. Also…what about the Imperial Inquisition? Glad you enjoyed the article. In my last scenario I posit that the Borg assimilate the Orks creating the Bork! The Bork have characterestics of both the Borg and Orks and are essentially Bizzaro world versions of the Borg and the Bork rule all! The Space Marines are fantastic visually.

Like Judge Dredd, who is already over the top, but as you say even bigger and badder! Totally different aesthetic as those puny superheroes like Superman and Spiderman with their spandex and not even a utility belt like Batman. How about a vial of nanobots that do nothing but turn giant masses of kryptonite into something inert.

The Kryptonite goes in one end and comes out as something harmless out the other. The nanobots only eat Kryptonite and stop reproducing when the Krptonite is gone. Superman could use the disintegrator on small pieces and the nanobots on the big pieces. Hey this idea is a post! Real heroes have gear! Portability aside it just feels more secure to have it in your hands.

I like this website very much, Its a very nice situation to read and get information. I love the combination of colors. Hope you have a good weekend. Oh and my sister and I are hosting a giveaway…so stop over and enter by Monday. Salto para a noite. Hello there. I discovered your blog by the use of Google while searching for a similar subject, your site came up. It appears great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back later. Galicia, which makes him the most lovable cookbook author in Poland.

Anyway, for my goulash-like Hungarian dishes I always used lard or szalonna for lack of a better English term. What's your opinion on that? Sit down at your computer with your coffee in the morning, pull up- your Bloglines, Newsgator et al page and read the news that interests you. Brought to you from multiple sources onto a single page. About studying a verse or passage, even a concept in light of the entire scripture, that's what I keep planning to do but haven't really managed yet.

I want to read the whole bible while seeing if the devil could be an analogy or a metaphor for human nature.

Places: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

And yes, life is WAY more than just flesh and blood. Valentenko has a rocket shot. Put him on the point on the power play. Souray is nothing special. Remember they got Redden because he was supposed to be the power play quarterback. How did that turn out? I need an expert on this area to solve my problem.

Looking forward to see you. The photos are amazing and we will truly treasure them forever. You were a delight to work with and we appreciate all you did to make the day so very special for all of the Baileys. May 21, — pm. John, you make a great point regarding our body language. You are so right. Thanks for the kind words regarding the blog. Congratulations on the beginning of your own blog. I would enjoy looking at if. Send me the link if you would. Please comment again sometime. Chamaram bastante, mas ainda tem que chamar mais pra repor todos os contratados.

When I initially commented I clicked on the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and now each and every time a remark is added I get four messages with the identical comment.

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    I need to up my Logos skills in precisely this area, because BibleWorks is my default means of searching. You can buy a hammer and nails. The film are the tools. Simply posessing them does not an expert make. He can ask them questions directly. None of us can. We just guess. Show may as well pay 7 or 9 hundred dollars, get ya an attorney clean everything up and start all over again! Mas ligados a pessoas do Corinthians, tem. The provider saves all data about the users. Already you are being used in significant ways.

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    Much of the testimony is delivered by former bodyguards Frank Alexander and Michael Moore, both of whom are dead. Above anything else, the film asks why the investigation of the murder has stalled and has all but been abandoned. The Las Vegas police have yet to interview several key witnesses shown here. One reason, of course, is because so many people have a vested interest in the truth not coming out, from label boss Suge Knight and the many police officers who were hired as bodyguards that night.

    The code of silence also impacts on the lack of progress. Comedies, though, not so much. In an awkward plot device, Kang also moonlights as a phone-sex performer. Or, is there still some work to do? Beauty being only skin deep, Kang has a lot to learn about self-confidence and acting as if you belong in the limelight.

    Along the way, she relates a story about one of her affairs. This introduction to the joys of girl-girl action finds a ready audience with the younger women, who decide to take their friendship to a new level. Director Kim Soo-hyun mixes things up a bit by giving several of the characters the same name and interweaving storylines.

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    As long as jobs in Mexico pay less than the worst jobs in the U. Also chronicled are the contributions to our military forces by Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans and other groups that fall under the Latino or Hispanic umbrellas. Kennedy was quick to ask for their votes, but exceedingly slow in delivering on promises made to them. It crushed his hopes of becoming a two-term president. Here, the primary target is Emeritus Senior Living, which operates more than assisted-living facilities across the country.

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    The turtles face off against new and old enemies, including the Rat King, Cockroach, Baxter Stockman and, ultimately, Kraang and the Shredder. Nick Jr. Any TV series that refuses to grow old deserves some kind of respect. This collection contains 28 episodes — minutes — of singing, dancing, coloring and activity sheets. The East: Blu-ray Based solely on her drop-dead good looks, shiny blonde hair and ability to dominate the screen whenever the camera is pointed in her direction, year-old Brit Marling probably could have her pick of television sitcoms and Hollywood rom-coms.

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    The radicals are prominently white, highly educated, extremely clever and totally focused on their missions. Among other things, Sarah is allowed to maintain her basic convictions, even as she grows fond of the participants and begins to sympathize with their beliefs, if not their tactics.

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    Both opened in a handful of theaters, but anthology series have traditionally worked better on the smaller screen. Here, private investigators break into an empty house and, instead of finding a missing student, discover a cache of VHS tapes. Each contains found footage of a horrible event, typically involving paranormal circumstances. Stamp plays Arthur Harris, a grumpy pensioner whose wife, Marion, is only able to endure the final stages of a terminal illness in the company of the men and women in her choral group.

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    This is what Charcot told his patient, Augustine, when she balked at being put on display, naked, before galleries of curious doctors. It leaves her partially paralyzed and with one eyelid permanently shut. Reading the pain on her face tells us a different story. It was, however, considered to be an evil necessary for the advance of his science, facilities and financial well-being.

    For his part, the doctor is attracted to something primal in Augustie. Soko and Vincent Lindon turn in masterful performances in the sometimes agonizing roles of doctor and patient. Other patients bear witness to the curative powers of sexual release, but Augustine only looks miserable. That the question is posed within the fuzzy parameters of a quintessential B-movie format only makes it that much more accessible to the rank-and-file audience.

    Here, the Dark Lord has been laying low for hundreds of years in a large cylinder — full to the brim with green goop — in the basement of an inner-city church. How it got there is pretty much beside the point. We learn of its existence after an elderly priest is found dead, clutching an ornate silver box that contains a key. Apparently, the priest was about to reveal to Church officials the existence of the cylinder and it contained. Among them is a street prophet played by Alice Cooper. No shit. It is, of course, better known as the picture that made a star, if not yet an object of lustful desire of Jamie Lee Curtis.

    More to the point of such re-releases, it benefits greatly from a much-needed HD upgrade, overseen by the techies at Anchor Bay. Fortuitously, Anthony Perkins was game for a remake and, after 23 years, it was probably time for Norman Bates to be released from the hospital for the criminally insane. Jeff Fahey plays a mysterious drifter and Roberta Maxwell is a nosy reporter investigating how such fiends as Bates win parole. Hint: blame Ronald Reagan for cutting funds to mental-health facilities. When someone dressed like Mommy Dearest goes on a killing spree, guess who the cops make the primary suspect.

    The show has been renewed for a second season, beginning in There also are interviews with more than cast and crew members, spanning all twelve films and the television series. Instead of hiring a private detective to investigate, Deborah, Lora Mae and Rita burn calories fretting about the rumor. Meanwhile, Addy adds fuel to the fire by sending gifts and letters to the men, making sure the women see them, as well. Unaware of the first letter, the men dismiss the gifts as mere signs of friendship.

    The wives, of course, know better. Mankiewicz encourages viewers to participate in the guessing game, but only leaves us with the barest of clues. Fill the Void One of the basic tenets of life in the United States is that all Americans have the right to practice their faith without interference from the government or people who would prefer not to see certain religious beliefs flourish.

    Even so, in , the U. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that plural marriage, as practiced by many members of the Mormon Church, was not protected by the Constitution. In , American Indian Religious Freedom Act overrode efforts by states — approved by the Supreme Court — to deny the Native American Church the freedom to use peyote in rituals that pre-date the Constitution.

    The borders grow fuzzier when discussing the imposition of religious or cultural rites on children by their parents or religious leaders. The court will have to cross that bridge someday soon. Starting with the re-emergence of Christian fundamentalism as a political force during the Reagan presidency and compounded by increased media scrutiny of male-dominated, faith-based communities — from Williamsburg to Kabul, Waco to the Vatican — the whole notion of freedom of choice for children and women has been thrown open to question.

    The oldest daughter, Esther, is nine months into her first pregnancy, when, with warning, disaster strikes. After collapsing in her bedroom, Esther is rushed to the hospital, where, after delivering a son, she dies. In the cruelest of all possible coincidences and over the course of single afternoon, her husband, Yochay, will be required to participate in the burial of Esther and celebrate the circumcision of his newborn child.

    Tradition dictates that mourning will soon take a backseat to finding a second wife for the handsome and virile Yochay.

    • Coyote, Rabbit, and Shadow?
    • The Seedy Side Of Life In Rural Wales?
    • The Life & TImes of Bill Clinton (The Life & Times of...).
    • Achieving Better Value for Money in Health Care.
    • Strangers in African societies.
    • Description:.
    • Shows A-Z | - The Web's Best Television Resource;

    She wants to have some say, at least, in choosing a husband and would appreciate having a nine-month headstart on preparing for parenthood. The role of a wife in a Hasidic household is limited to what is expected of her by her husband and religious tradition. She would prefer her husband to be every bit as awkwardly virginal as she is on her wedding night. Burshtein lays out the facts as she sees them and allows us to eavesdrop on the process of coming up with a solution, good or bad.

    The Hasidim are notoriously camera-shy and suspicious of media coverage. The celebrations and rituals shown in the movie feel entirely authentic and non-rehearsed. In the House: Blu-ray Nothing excites a teacher more than finding a student who truly wants to excel and, with tutelage, could become the one in a million who goes on to achieve something great.

    In his nightly perusal of essays assigned to a class of typically bored teenagers, Germain Fabrice Luchini is struck by the precise description of a sexy MILF Emmanuelle Seigner the boy, Claude Ernst Umhauer , encounters at the home of one of his friends. Claude decides that the best way to spy on the gorgeous housewife is to volunteer to help his somewhat nerdy friend with their math assignment. For Germain and Jeanne, the nightly recitation of every new chapter adds a bit of a lift to their sagging marriage. There comes a point, however, when Germain begins to notice something slightly disturbing in the narrative, perhaps patently false, as well.

    If none of this sounds very amusing, you should know that Claude evolves into someone closely resembling a French Eddie Haskell. Everyone in the cast is very good, with Luchini, as usual, standing out in a role that requires a great deal of emotional range. The bonus material includes a making-of featurette, footage of the premier at Le Grand Rex, bloopers, costume fittings, a poster gallery and deleted scenes.

    In the movies, though, the choices can be narrowed down to the dozen or so with some sort of visual appeal. As the so-called Queer Cinema inches ever more closely to embracing mainstream and indie standards, the backstories of some male and female prostitutes have begun to sound remarkably similar. In short order, the recently arrived Aleksandr loses his father, sister and mother.

    Broke and distraught, a woman friend tips him to an opening at a gay nightclub. One night, he agrees to accompany one of the customers to his apartment for a little of the old in-out. Instead of learning the same valuable lesson as she did, Aleksandr is driven to accept riskier invitations and acts of self-humiliation.

    We learn about his fall from grace through on-going psychiatric sessions and flashbacks. On the floor of the U. Senate, Edwin C. Their affair cost her temporary custody of her daughter, Pia, and the ability to travel freely in the U. She plays a Lithuanian refugee, who, after escaping from Nazi agents throughout Eastern Europe, finds temporary shelter and a permanent husband in an Italian internment camp. He takes his bride to his home town, a fishing village on Stromboli, where she stands out like Lady GaGa at a prayer breakfast.

    After nearly being run out of the village on a rail by the townswomen, she finds God on the summit of a lava-belching volcano. Francis of Assisi were to come back to life, how what he be received? Nearly comatose from grief, the woman agrees to participate in an act of charity that would require her to purchase the drugs necessary for a poor boy to survive a serious illness. The satisfaction she gets from performing this simple act imbues her with the true spirit of Christianity. This works OK, but only as long as the couple remains consumed with their responsibilities in London.

    The couple was portrayed by Bergman and George Sanders, a British actor, who, besides marrying two of the Gabor sisters, was famous for playing heels and villains. It would be the same reason he gave for later committing suicide. Again, the picture probably plays better on this exquisitely restored Criterion edition than it did in theaters, before audiences more attuned to Westerns, frothy melodramas and war pictures. Criterion has also filled the boxed set with enough bonus features to warrant a separate disc, offering an array of period documentaries, commentaries, new interviews with family members and associates, short films, visual essays, home movies and separate Italian and English dialogue tracks.

    Its success also showed that Americans would read subtitles, if duly rewarded. Today, the premieres of both pictures probably would be picketed by church groups and the Republican congressional delegation. Less than two years later, a new executive reversed the decision and ordered at least three more two-hour episodes. Americans are a forgiving lot, however, so it makes sense that the same country that embraced vigilante killer Dexter Morgan would find something positive in the young Doctor Lecter.

    Even so, creator Bryan Fuller had his work cut out for him. And, yes, a second season is on tap for The formula prevents writers and producers from spreading good ideas so thin that they wear out on the long haul to the 22nd episode of each season. His hook, if you will, is the ability to think, see and feel like a monster. Hannibal Lecter Mads Mikkelsen , who enjoys playing both ends against the middle. It would be difficult to mess up that kind of a lead-in on Week One, but, after that boost, the show would have to succeed on its own merits.

    If anything, though, it was an equal-opportunity offender. When the season opened, Max and Caroline finally got the break they needed to open their cupcake shop. Things got better with an endorsement from Martha Stewart. By Episode 18, they were back scratching for money. Half-man Angus T. Otherwise, there was quite a bit of discussion about love and marriage. Animated shows on Fox enjoy life spans that equal those of whales and tortoises. For this reason, alone, it can be argued that the Griffin family is every bit as representative of American families as the Pritchetts and Dunphys, over on ABC.

    As usual, non-animated stars lined up around the block for voice cameos. It includes a making-of featurette. Even Elizabeth Berkley has been able to shake off the onus of delivering some of the most hideous dialogue ever committed to paper. In her year acting career, Riffel has shed her skivvies in more movies than Sally Rand had ostrich feathers. She decides to give ballet and show dancing a whirl, but, frankly, stinks at it. Even so, Penny is convinced to move to Hollywood by a trick who says he knows someone in the business. She makes it to L.

    Despite it all, she keeps a stiff upper lip. Unlike the original, its sex scenes are tame enough to avoid the dreaded NC rating. The DVD jacket is even more freakish, in that the protagonist is made up to resemble John Wayne Gacy in his clown outfit. He dreams of making a name for himself in the one activity guaranteed to make him famous. When a real serial killer does show up in town, Aaron asks him to be his mentor. That, in itself, is a pretty tough trick to pull off on shoestring budget.

    SlugTerra: Slug Power! Disney XD looks like fun, even if the difference between ages 6 and 13 is getting larger every day. The antagonist is Dr. For 15 minutes, anyway, these incorrigible Hollywood club kids became nearly as celebrated as Honey Boo Boo and Snooki Polizzi. If copy-cat break-ins had occurred in Milwaukee or Chattanooga, there would have been no movie. If the perpetrators had been Hispanic, African-American or poor white, one or more of the robbers might still be in jail. Like the actors playing the trendy hoodlums here, as well as those in the Lifetime movie of the same title, the mini-skirted and manicured sinners still have their looks and the rest of their lives for people to forget their crimes.

    By scanning the entertainment websites, the kids were able to locate the residences, learn when the celebrities would be out of town and discern likely entry points. Once inside, they acted as if they belonged there. Fortuitously, the arrests and court hearings were so aggressively covered in the media that they had plenty of video footage to study. Conveniently, too, some of the gang members partied at the same clubs as the actors did.

    It became an instant Internet classic. In another delicious twist, Alexis was held alongside Lindsay Lohan in the same jail. Ironically, Paris Hilton comes off as the most human of all of the participants. Even though the professional celebrity was the primary target of the Bling Ring, she graciously allowed Coppola to pick her brain about the thefts of family heirlooms and use her bizarrely appointed home as a shooting location. Along with Kirsten Dunst, Hilton makes a cameo appearance in a nightclub scene and she was the focus of a making-of featurette, as well. The fact that she opened up her home to Coppola either demonstrates an admirable sense of humor about her well-managed reputation or that she is completely oblivious to how ridiculous her cavernous shoe closet, jewelry horde and vanity pillows must look to people outside the Hollywood Hills.

    Or, so it seems in the world of independent movies. Together, Max and Sal add up to one reasonably compelling character. Greetings From Tim Buckley With his soaring vocals, deeply personal lyrics and an intensity that could hardly be contained by the unresponsive amps and speakers of their day, Tim Buckley took the New York and Los Angeles folk scene by storm in the mids.

    By the end of June, , Buckley would be dead of a drug overdose. Even if the newcomer played down his inheritance, the physical and vocal resemblance was uncanny. He finally would do so in the company of musicians who knew or played with Tim Buckley and would accept his son as one of their own. If the expository material borders on the melodramatic, it serves two purposes.

    It works, too. The soundtrack is a blend of songs written or co-written by Tim Buckley and sung either by Buckley, the actor playing him in flashbacks or Badgley. The concert is sufficiently inspirational to carry the final third of the movie. The DVD extras add making-of material and interviews. I recommend that admirers check out albums by father and son, as well.

    Two Men in Manhattan: Blu-ray Lovers of American noir who think they might be running out of great movies to discover ought to consider taking a flier on this obscure French export from Jean-Pierre Melville. Here, a French diplomat to the United Nations disappears on the eve of important vote. Moreau, a reporter for Agence France-Presse played by Melville , is anxious to know the reason for his absence and if it involves a potential pre-Christmas scandal.

    Before making any dangerous Cold War assumptions, the editor gives his reporter a night to discover what may have happened to the war hero. Indeed, the photographer is familiar with the rumors surrounding the married diplomat and his weakness for women who work at night. His reasons for pursuing the mystery are far more mercenary than those of the reporter, however.

    When the diplomat finally does show up — as we knew he would — the journalists are faced with an ethical dilemma that rings as true today as it did in the scandal-starved s. All of this happens during the course of a daily news cycle in the city that never sleeps. In anticipation of a sequel, perhaps, they were asked to add lots of action and a family-in-danger angle, while devising a more upbeat ending than the one forwarded in the book.

    So, what happened? These zombies move at speeds generally reserved for track meets in Jamaica and are able to leap, climb and attack with the dexterity of meth-heads desperate for a fix. Pitt plays a former United Nations troubleshooter, Gerry Lane, who experiences the ferocity of the zombies in a nifty scene, set in a traffic jam.

    Lane manages to have his family extracted to a Navy vessel on the high seas, but their continued security is used to blackmail him into agreeing to come up with a solution to the global pandemic. He interviews a disgraced CIA agent and gun-runner David Morse , who extolls the genius of North Korean leaders for their decision to pull the teeth from the mouths of all of its citizens.

    He also points to Israel, where a giant wall was built in anticipation of the crisis. Suffice it to say that, when all hope appears to be lost, Brad Pitt lays his life on the line for humanity, which is as it should be. The barrage of then-new slasher and splatter thrillers was about to put zombies in the deep freeze for another 20 years and aesthetics were the last thing fans wanted to consider.

    Today, however, the setting is as worthy of comment as the wonderfully grotesque make-up effects of Tom Savini. It was shot in an abandoned Nike missile silo and the former Wampum limestone mine, near Pittsburgh, where the cavernous maze provided a splendid backdrop for terror. As we learn in a featurette, the 2. Lutz plays an American traveler, who could never be mistaken for someone other than a CIA agent in post-graduate drag. Soon after his arrival, American Jake Travers appears at a party thrown for a beautiful sultana.

    Back in Time

    Jake is hauled into jail as a suspect and witness to the bombing. After convincing Muslim police detective Hashim Ario Bayu of his innocence, they team up to find an elusive terrorist-cell leader. Conveniently, Hashim and Jake find both criminals operating under the same roof. Turns out, the weapons trafficker has Al Qaeda in his hip pocket. Effectively amoral, he greases the skids for terrorists, so they can take out his enemies along with their own.

    They get their chance at freedom after a confrontation between the chainsaw-wielding ogre and a pair of underprepared narcotics police. The cops die horrible deaths, while the father is left seriously wounded with a knife wound. The siblings find shelter in a cabin located deep in a forest, somewhere outside Santiago. What happens next is best left to the imaginations of viewers with strong stomachs.

    Valladares clearly understands the difference between making quick-and-dirty horror flicks and turning exploitation into something approaching art. He challenges viewers to grasp the same distinction. It arrives with a decent making-of featurette, explaining the special makeup effects. Piccinino plays a disheveled henchman for some Maori gangsters — in California! This, he accomplishes no matter how drunk he is. Nothing works out quite as planned in this low-budget thriller, but watching the little guy destroy several monstrous gangsters is worth the price of a rental. To go out on a high note, Benny Big Time decides to stage a bank robbery, employing the entertainment-industry talents of several of his buddies.

    It takes surprisingly little effort for Benny to convince them to go along with the ridiculous scheme. Maguire deserves that much credit, at least. That the entire movie would be produced by OCU students and faculty, in Oklahoma, helped entice backers to cough up the funds necessary to complete it. The protagonists here decide to dig into an actual on-campus murder, which has remained open for the past 15 years.

    Once they do start nosing around, however, things start getting ugly very quickly. Within a couple of hours of his arrival, Sam meets an American businessman Bill Paxton and two young women — one Chinese Zhu Zhu , the other a single American mom Eliza Coupe — who will test his reputation as a problem-solver. And, the city once again provides an exciting backdrop for corporate intrigue. Chow Yun-Fat and Huang Xiaoming play real-life gangster Cheng Daqi, during 30 tumultuous years of his life in the village and Shanghai.

    As usual, the Chinese production looks and sounds terrific in Blu-ray. The Blu-ray adds a gushy making-of featurette. From Shout! In it, a teenage videographer captures the deaths — by strychnine-laced cocaine — of popular twin sisters at a posh New England boarding school. After unsuccessfully hitting on a trio of pretty Parisians, Simon is lured into a nightclub populated with prostitutes. One of them, Victoria Mati Diop , breaks tradition by befriending Simon and letting him stay at her modest pad.

    At the same time, he reconnects with the far more innocent blond girl whose number he kept from the earlier encounter outside the sex club. Neither strategy works exactly as planned. The DVD adds a fawning interview with the clearly quite talented, if strangely self-absorbed Campos, who is an avowed admirer of Stanley Kubrick and whose work has been compared to that of Gus Van Sant. His condition leaves Adan in a fragile position with his company, of course, but not one absent comedic possibilities.

    She recognizes Adan from an inspiration seminar at which he spoke and offers him a place to hide, while waiting for a placement from a care facility. The character has been around since , albeit undergoing occasional facelifts, costume upgrades and philosophical twists. For the TV series, his cover allows him to be both a playboy and vigilante. After being marooned for five years on a remote island, billionaire Oliver Queen returns home with a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills. More than anything else, though, Queen is committed to righting the wrongs of his father and his corrupt cronies.

    Last season, Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody went from terror suspect to U. It theoretically could capture 11 more on Sunday. The three-disc Blu-ray set adds deleted scenes and a four making-of featurettes, including one on shooting in Israel. In the hands of debonair Simon Baker is smart, easy on the eyes and entertaining. Among their big-shots who get the comeuppance are characters played by Cary Elwes, Treat Williams and Matthew Lillard. Mark Sheppard returns as nemesis Interpol-agent, Jim Sterling. They continue to struggle mightily to hold onto their homes, their jobs, their health insurance, marriages and sanity in the worst economy in 80 years.

    It does so without also pinpointing one specific rebel group or country in which such a hideous practice takes place. Take your pick. Komona Mwanza is only 12 years old when she is kidnapped by rebel soldiers, who sweep into her quiet village one afternoon in motorized dugout canoes.